Grab the compliment and run - project me post 1033

9 September 2014
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Today this happened!!Jodene compliment on Twitter

I was also told by a friend of mine that I'm number 35 on the list of the top followed South Africans on Twitter.

Milestones!!! We really all need them.
The big thing is to realise that a compliment is so much more than just a cool thing for someone to have said to us. Chances are it's a kick in the butt!

The most positive kick you could ever ask for. I've worked my butt of to be noticed in the South African space, mostly for Project Me but I'm more than happy for it be in the social media space too. I can feel the tug of my soul to do more of what I have been dreaming of achieving and today was just laced with compliments ... some from stranger, others from admirers and good friends added to the mix too.

All it did was push me to want more and to drive myself to achieve greater things that I have thought may be just a picture on my vision board. That's slowly changing and a Tweet that may have felt like just a compliment from a stranger has turned into an affirmation of all that potentially lies before me if I just keep doing what I'm doing ... living Project Me!!

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