Gratefully blind as a bat - project me post 880

25 September 2012

When I was growing up, wearing glasses was a fate that truly made me feel like all the world was out to get me, laugh at me and mock me. I dreamed of the day I could wear contact lenses and no one would be the wiser. It took me a while to finally be able to swap out the glasses because my eyes are so bad that they didn't even make them for my degree of lack of sight.

If you can imagine that, you can also imagine that my glasses weren't the thinnest lenses in town ... and that's a whole other story for the self esteem to tell one day. But eventually the glasses went and the contact lenses started to help pave the way to a more confident me. Of course the irony is that Pat says I look sexy in my glasses, but I still try and avoid wearing them as much as I can.

In the hours of avoidance and when contact lenses just aren't appropriate ... usually as I wake up and go to sleep or wake up in the morning, life is pretty much a blur. I wish I could explain to you what I see, and the best way if to imagine staring through the bottom of a very thick glass bottle. Pretty blurry, right?

Well, on mornings like today, I'm most grateful for my total lack of eye sight and even more grateful that I have my man right by my side for a conversation that begins with, "hunny is that a crack in the wall!" and ends with "SPIDER!"
For me to see it, it had to be freaking huge but Pat was calm as anything and quietly slipped away to get all the right things (because as scared as I am of spiders, we don't harm them EVER!" ?That gave me the opportunity to grab my glasses, but not put them on, and make a wild dash out the door while he did the rescue thing.

He's so cute ... he has a fat conversation with the little guy while removing him from the house and placing him back into nature where he belongs. It doesn't make my skin crawl any less and for a girl who is so close ?to the great goddesses who were all a part of the great creatures plan, you would think I should be better?acquainted.

Anyway, I went back to sleep after the ordeal and dreamed about some mafia, combo terrorist thing but that's because we are currently obsessed with Homeland and are at the point where he nearly ... oh, ssshhh for those who might not have seen it yet.

I made my mind up that it was back on the #projectbody tracks today and I headed out to gym, which I'm thrilled about. I could feel like I have taken a break, but on the upside, my body felt strong with no aches and pains. So it's day one on #myroadto40 and it started a little scary but I learned something really valuable too ...

Sometimes it's better not to see what's in front of you and just grab your things and RUN into the start of a new day, because there will always be someone or something there to help you along with the scary bits.

2 comments on “Gratefully blind as a bat - project me post 880”

  1. Yay for a good man that does Spider duty! And yay for taking your moment of escape to head to the gym. BTW, I would have run, too!


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