Greggie's kitchen - project me day 180

1 July 2010

Besides my nerdy Irish who will tell me that it's not exactly halfway through the year ... I'm celebrating that it is! Well actually, according to the blog tomorrow should be halfway through but I'm all swept away by the fact that it's the 1st of July and I've been doing 'project me' for 6 months ... woo hoo me!!

I'm silently celebrating to myself even though I'm the only place I want to be ... in Greggie's kitchen with My Knight and waiting to meet a friend of Greggie's for the first time. If anything defines me and has carried me through so much of 'project me', it's Greggie and his kitchen.

It's my office, my safe space and my comfort zone. It's where I make the tea that comforts me and sit on the couch that also comforts me. It's where Greggie and I spend hours talking about life, love, work and the gifts that we have. It's where I decided to create 'project me' and where I cry that every started it.

These walls know my desires, my dreams, my secrets ... these walls know me. That's why tonight I'm celebrating a very special milestone with my very special space! I love cooking ... it is my escape from all that is going on in my world and a special way for me to express my love and gratitude to people in my life. Since I gave up my home in order to focus on growing the business and don't have that special kitchen space, Greggie's kitchen is now that place that I create for the ones I love.

Tonight I love 'project me', Greggie and My Knight ... the three parts of me that know just how important 'project me' is to me!

Tonight I get to cook for them and thank them for all that they have done for me ... and I cook for the kitchen too coz it just loves the way I leave all the cupboards open, use half the cutlery to make one meal and leave it looking super used and oh so very special!

Half way to go ... woo hoo 😉

8 comments on “Greggie's kitchen - project me day 180”

    1. I don't think I made nearly as much mess as expected 😉
      Thank you for yet another awesome evening where I silently celebrated my halfway mark, my special friends and my fabulous cooking skills!!

      I love you so much that it's impossible to put into words ... even if I had to use up my daily quoter and then some!

    1. Tee hee ... I'm not surprised you're looking over my shoulder to see if I got the date right ... Miss u my Irish! Where are u?? 😉

    2. Jodene, so much has been going on in your life and I think you have been amazing. I am so happy for you that you have managed to find the good in something that I think many of us would have destroyed ourselves over. I know how I am very afraid to love.

      It sounds like Greggie's kitchen is a very special place. Well done for making it to the half way mark and I am very excited for the next 6 months and wish you lots of luck.

      1. thank you so much Jess. It's followers like you who inspire me to keep going when it feels like things are getting a little rough and I just want to hide away from the world!

        Love finds us hun ... all of us 😉

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