Guess what?? - project me day 432

8 March 2011

You're Awesome!

This post is inspired by my dear friend, Robbie, and his message to me this morning ... "Like the phoenix, we can all be reborn from the ashes time and again."

Read Robbie's blog that inspired messages through song words. Today's inspiration: Rebirth

5 comments on “Guess what?? - project me day 432”

    1. hehehe... With morale relatively low in the office at the moment, a couple of us are actually making said pills 😉

      Will see how many I can put together. There are a lot of folk out there that need to take their "I’m-awesome-and-nothing-can-take-that-away" pills. Time to start dishing them out... 🙂
      My recent post Rebirth

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