Hair Elements partners with Project Me - project me day 587

10 August 2011

The Hair Elements team, Calub, Duncan and Gregg

I never think of myself as 'Plain Jane' until I sit in the chair at Hair Elements. Actually it's hard for me to avoid the fact that I'm 'Plain Jane' when most of my friends and family are always harping on me to add a few highlights or get a style.

I blame Alanis Morissette ...

I kid you not! I absolutely loved the fact that she got to grow her hair to this gypsy length and with the simplest of dark (one tone) colours. Maybe it's the Pagan in me that wishes I was roaming around like a ... dare I say ... modern day witch.

None the less, reality struck today when my treasured hair stylist, Gregg Mons, told me that, well, my hair resembled that of Willie Nelson's daughter! The fact that it's beyond compliment being associated with one of Country's great is one thing, but I doubt Gregg was going for the compliment.

'Project Me' is about telling myself the truth and it always gets voiced for you to hear it, so here goes ... I haven't cut my hair in about a year. Oh please, don't gasp!! I told you, it's Alanis's fault. I'm sure I'm like most girls and the bond with a hairstylist is one that blossoms into a very trusting and open hair-affair ... so I let Gregg cut.

This partnership is a special one for me, because Gregg's been my guy for many years and as my hair colour has changed, so has my life. He knew me before blogging and he heard me talk about social media, while admitting hour foreign it was (okay, IS) to him. It was Hair Element's floor that I was sitting on for my first ever radio call just before Social Media Day and it means so much to me that Gregg and Calub believe in me and 'project me' to stand beside me and make sure ?I don't look like Willie Nelson's daughter in the public eye.

I'm also thrilled to be the one to take Hair Elements and welcome it to the online world with a website that Lifeology will create and bring to life. Baby steps, but I plan Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare too but seriously ... baby steps because you never mess with a hairstylist who has scissors near you hair.

Washed, coloured, cut and styled ... and it was off to La Vie en Rose for a meeting that took my breath away.
I have a confession to make. I had a horrid few days of feeling as though I was never going to be able to achieve what I set out to do. I have been so mean to Mr Unexpected that my mother had to sms me to tell me, and I quote: "You should feel like a dog - shame, I feel sorry for him. He's always in the shit!" Bless my mom, that's why I love her. I've come to realise that when I don't trust me own?judgement or have much faith in myself, that she'll always tell me what my unconscious is screaming for me to hear.

Thanks Katie Mohamed for and inspirational and passionately SA afternoon

Then I met her ... Katie Mohamed! I was seriously dazed and confused when she DM'd me to meet for coffee and had one of those moments where I completely underplay what I have achieved and what I am worthy of. With my unconscious still needing comforting from my mom and having only surfaced at 9am this morning because I truly felt as though I had no purpose other than to churn out yet another 'project me' post, I found myself sitting before on of SA's great women.

Over the past few days I have managed to convince myself that my only claim to fame is that I'm crazy enough to blog every day and that I'm so mad that I'm still going strong at day 587. Then this morning my official regular slot on Radio 2000 with Angela Ludek is confirmed and I'm back on at 7:40 am this Saturday. That's not just because I'm a mad blogger ...
Halfway through lunch I realise that Katie and I have something incredible in common. We are passionate women who know we can succeed and are now dabbling in life's possibilities while we figure out just how far we can push our dreams and make them happen. Katie is best known to me as one of the presenters of No Reservations and I was mesmerised at her life story of standing as an individual and living her truth and I can't wait to share her project me story with you soon.

An exciting new partnership and an inspirational woman ... I manifested both of these moments today, along with an incredibly supportive business partner that is holding the positive light over my head at the moment, a man who is patient and loving while I freak out that I've actually found love and a mother who knows what not to say but says it like it is when the time is right. Wow, don't I feel damn powerful right about now ...

Let's hope I can hold that over until tomorrow morning and bounce out of bed with a little less money fear and lot more faith in myself. One thing I do know is, whatever happens, I'm waking up a little less Ms Nelson and a lot more Ms Diva!

4 comments on “Hair Elements partners with Project Me - project me day 587”

  1. Jo, Katie is aweosme, I met her one day when I took my friend Caron for her bachelorette to have a spa treatment and I met Katie there while I was waiting. Yay cant wait to hear about your new venture together.

    Fantastic news about the Radio show confirmation 🙂

    and on the final note - Be nice to pat, and to yourself 🙂 xxx

    1. Isn't she such a gem?
      Thanks hun ... I'm excited about the radio show, being nice to Pat and missing you terribly! 😉

  2. Wicked, wicked blog, I so relate! Wishing you a bounce out of bed and another awesome day. Can't wait to catch up.:*

    1. Aaaaaah, I miss you so much I don't know what to do with myself. When can I see you?? Can't wait to hear all about the trip. Thanks for loving my post and making me feel like I'm not alone in the world! I totally love u!

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