Happy birthday mommy - project me day 643

9 October 2011
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Today is supposed to be a very exciting 'project body' catch up but I promise to that tomorrow morning. Mom has been kind enough to loan me her travel laptop (yes, my dad got her one of those) but I'm still feeling my way around.

For now, it's mom's birthday and we've spent the day shopping to spoil her, having a family dinner to spoil her some more and now Mr Unexpected and I are piled in the bed with her and watching The X Factor.

A very happy birthday to my incredible mother who has supported me in every venture and keeps pushing me on when I think I've gone crazy and need to get me a day job!!!

Tomorrow's the first day back at work with Greggie and in my true character, we have to start with eggs and soldier (toast fingers if anyone doesn't know that!)

PS ... we get the keys for the house tomorrow!!

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