Happy birthday Project Me - project me day 600

24 August 2011

I had this blog planned ... it's a bit of a bitch and moan combined with some over excitement and a wince of back pain.

Then I sat down to blog and realise it's another milestone!!!

It's day 600!!!

And because it's my blog's birthday I can choose to do anything ... that's the rule to birthdays, right? And I so choose my man!!!

So tomorrow I will bitch, moan, boast, wince ...

But for now I'm going to celebrate my madness and my success!!!

Before I go though ... I have to say 'thank you'!!!! Thank you for reminding me that this blog is worth it on days when I think I'm nuts to have ever set out on this adventure.

PS ... I love you!

PPS ... There's gonna be cake in 100 days time!!!!

4 comments on “Happy birthday Project Me - project me day 600”

    1. Thanks so much hun ... sorry for the late reply. I don't know if you have seen that I am launching something on Twitter for South Africa and it's taking up lots of time ... will be back with u soon. i promise

  1. WOW!!! I can't believe that 100 days have flown by so quickly! Why are we waiting for another 100 before we get cake? Isn't everyday a champagne (and cake) day?

    1. Lol ... that's very true, there's not excuse for not having cake!! Another 100 days has flown by! I would love to see you at the FollowSA launch ... Tweetups aren't the same without you!

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