Happy birthday to me - project me day 265

25 September 2010

Greggie here again. Jo has asked me to write this post - her birthday post. Okay, I was meant to write it when I got home yesterday but, to be honest, my bed was calling my name so loudly that I couldn't think of anything else.

Jo always celebrates her birthday as her own personal new year, which if you follow numerology, it is. For this reason it is a very significant day. She dug out some of her very special ceremonial items from storage and saw her new year in as she always does - with a cleansing ritual to welcome the new beginning. Every year is a new beginning - in fact, every day and every moment in every day can be a new beginning. But a birthday is special.

So, a very special happy birthday to you, Jo. You are loved more than you realise. Your light shines brighter than you know and as your flame changes colour allow the old moths to fly away and welcome the new. Love you lots.

Now I'm off to look for something to wear for the party. 😉

10 comments on “Happy birthday to me - project me day 265”

  1. i think thats an excellent way to celebrate a birthday! I never really thought of it being like celebrating the new year,but it just makes sense.

  2. Happy... happy!! 😀 A new year and another new start. Life keeps handing us those, just gotta take them. 🙂

    Guess I'm kinda lucky, my birthday is the 31st of December, so once the drinking's done it is a whole new year, any way you look at it. 😉

    1. Thanks for the wishes my friend ... I miss being me and can't wait to get back to the sparkles of personality!!! Hope you are well and blogging blissfully daily!!!

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