Hashtags, outfits and other support - project me day 494 #D500

9 May 2011
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I definitely have that 'crazy week ahead' feeling and have been sitting with it the whole weekend. Not that I'm complaining, but for those followers of my story you missed out on the part where I'm a recovering workaholic. It's weekends that freak me out the most when there are things to do and events to plan. I don't mind working and forging forward, but the rest of the world doesn't have to tap to the same beat of my drum.

I metaphorically had to pop a chill pill especially considering that Mother's Day is the hardest day my mom experiences without my dad. I never know what to do. My tactic is always to put on Country music and know that songs will make her cry or make her smile but beyond that, it's a pretty helpless way to spend a day. It was great to spend a day with family because one thing we are great at is sticking together and supporting each other in the emotional times. I do still think they haven't yet realised how important 'project me' is tome ... online and off. My mother is always the exception to that rule and I don't know how to ever thank her for the support through my journey.

One thing that us sisters do well is jump to help each other out with outfits and accessories and you always know which sis to go to for what. Oldest sis was ideal for helping to source the perfect outfit for project me day 500 and I'm so excited to be wearing a very delicious black velvet outfit ... with jeans of course!

My family are beyond thinking I'm rude when it comes to sitting with my Blackberry taking pics of the lunch table while tweeting about the going's on around me. But yesterday was more exciting Tweeting, with the official hash tag of #D500 being the brain child of my new Twitter friend @norwin! That's what I love about the power of social networking ... everyone wants everyone else to have just as much fun and get just as much exposure as them. Well, that's not entirely true amongst us South Africans, but people like @norwin and @6on13th and @ClaireMc are slowly giving me hope.

It's time to send out the invite and create the online event to have everyone online and Tweeting into the #D500 function ... so best I dash!

Hold onto your hats ... it's gonna be a busy one!

PS ... I launched my Facebook welcome page ... what do you think? Please 'like' the page if you haven't already. I'm trying to hit 500 fans by day 500 😉

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