Have yourself a merry little Christmas - project me day 359

25 December 2010

My 'project me' decision was to share some of my beliefs and ways of living and expressing my way of seeing the festive seasons and the world at each time of the year. All that really goes on in my head is a crazy little muddled up and lighthearted reminder that the world is exactly as it should be.

For me, in the Southern Hemisphere ... it shouldn't even be what I call 'Yule' and what the rest of the world celebrates as Christmas. It's a winter festival that celebrated the darkest time of the winter and the journey of the Soul from that dark back into the light.

On the other hand, I don't have to hide how child-like my nature is and I adore this time of year as the entire world joins together are celebrates Christmas in a magical way. That's my celebration of it. Yet, I always manage to combine the two ... my beliefs and the celebration with the world.

So today, while you are celebrating in any way that feeds your soul and expresses your meaning of Christmas, I take a day for myself. Just as 'Yule' is the time of going within and reflecting. I am sending out my Christmas wish to you and then I am giving myself a gift today. I'm shutting the world out and ironically watching movies that feed the romantic little girl in me. I'm watching Christmas movies filled with love and giving. But most importantly I'm being with me!
Thank you for allowing me to be me and for sharing my life with me ... Have yourself a merry little Christmas now!!

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