Heading to Cape Town thanks to Travel.co.za - project me day 775

16 February 2012
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It's been a crazy day even though I've been sitting in one spot for most of it.

I can't believe that tomorrow is it ... we're flying to Cape Town for an event that I only dreamed of. Wait, I don't think I even had this in my game plan at all, but it sure fits like a glove.

Yesterday Greggie and I were looking at the first time I mentioned #FollowSA in a blog post and that was in June last year. Lifeology then grabbed the excitement that everyone showed for the hashtag and created our first event on the 30th of August. Excitement bubbled over until the talks began with Travel.co.za for a Tweetup in Cape Town.
I remember putting it out there and not holding my breath for much of a response, but that wasn't the case at all. Everyone in the Mother City seemed just as excited as the Joburg crowd to have a Tweetup.

And so the planning began.

Every step of the way, Talitha Spykerman and Darren Napier have been the most amazing support and Travel.co.za have been just as enthusiastic about the event as Greggie, Pat and myself who are traveling down.

The day is still a little mad, with a whole lot of last minute loose ends to tie up, and that's a post I'm going to write in the air tomorrow as ?we my make our trip down. In the meantime I still have my aunt coming for dinner to meet Pat, a whole lot of packing to do and ... a stage to find at this short hour for tomorrow's event!

Gulp ... but at least we know we're getting there!!

T and Darren I'm so going to miss you tomorrow night and thank you for the most amazing support and belief in #FollowSA. I hope this event knocks the sock of everyone in Cape Town and it's the first of many exciting ventures we have together. You are amazing travel partners who are helping #FollowSA take an unbelievable step in going nationwide!


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