Hello Cape Town - Project me day 521

5 June 2011

I'm officially here, where the air is clearer, the seagulls fill the air and the memories are a little tougher to adjust to. Hello Cape Town!

Firstly, lets get the cons out the way ... Although the sponsorship for the new laptop has been confirmed, it has been delivered yet and there was no way I could go away on a writing holiday still missing and 'A' and with no back up battery supply. Literally, as the plug leaves the wall, the laptop dies. I'm so grateful to my mom for letting me use her little travel laptop. It has full battery power and a very functional 'A'. On the other hand, I'm completely not used to the size of the keyboard and every second letter that I hit is wrong. I'm waiting to adjust my brain to the keys and then I should be a little less frustrated.

Once again, I have no words to express how grateful I am to the family of 6 on 13th for allowing their home by the sea to be Greggie and my home for the next week and a bit. This place is absolutely gorgeous and is this quaint bachelor flat that I could see myself living in and writing in for the rest of my day. Unfortunately there is only a couch and my back hates couches. I can feel the strain on my back already, so it's confirmed that I won't be able to do much writing in the flat. On the other hand, most of the writing is done and there is only reading through and editing, so I'm going to see if that makes it any easier. If not, there shall be a lot of sitting in coffee shops while still being money conscious on this spontaneous holiday.

I'm here to finish the final edit of the novel. Yes .. I have one of those and I have been working on it for nearly 4 years now. Well, it has to be that long. My dad was still alive and I he has been gone 3 years in September. The crazy thing is that I love the story. For those of you who don't know about it yet, it's called Ephineah(Ee-fee-nee-yah). If you google it, there is no trace of the name except for my book and the crazy thing is that the name was given to me in a mediation and the story is based on real meditations that I journeyed through. That is one powerful story in my own opinion and I have finally come to terms with the fact that book is a little girlie. I think that is was has been the holdup ... I have been trying to change it to suit every0ne on the planet except for just writing the story that I most want to tell. So the writing is a lot freer and the time to finish it is now!

I know there is so much to tell you about the Twitter Blanket Drive and a newly confirmed sponsorship but I have to stall that a little until I can figure out how to get my email onto this laptop and be a little more organised online. Lucky for me, the blanket counting isn't finished as yet, because a special blog truly is needed for such a special experience.

As the days unfold I will share more of the bitter sweet memories of Cape Town and my family memories. I'm still in that phase of missing my dad terribly and I don't want to become was someone who keeps bringing up my father at the turn of every corner ... but today has been laced with that.
We just came back from a long walk along the Seapoint?promenade and the memories are countless. It was special to let them wash over me in silence and Greggie and I took in the view of the sea, the mountain, the?architecture?and the beautiful boys. It's beginning to be blazingly clear that I have been single for far too long and sunset by the sea always add that?additional?pang.

On the other hand I couldn't stop praising my body for how far I have come. Just 9 months ago I was bedridden and walking to the bathroom to pee was a small feat. I thought about wheeling myself to and from the bed in an office chair and here I am sitting back in this gorgeous flat after having walked a good hour and a bit in the sea air. It wasn't a stroll, trust me. With Greggie's long legs I have to walk double time to keep up with him ... but it did me the world of good. In the near future every Sunday's blog with be 'project body' and today felt like a great way to acknowledge that. Of course, I'm petrified to get back into gym and it's scarier to be doing it with a personal trainer who isn't going to let me get away with 10 minutes around the walking track and then home. This is some serious stuff and the walk made me feel better about being fitter than I thought I was.

Ooh, ooh ... the last thing is my exciting news about my witchy, winter pumpkin soup! It got published on the Jozi Kids blog ... I'm thrilled to have been able to contribute something to a blog that I love and it's so worth following them on Twitter if you are in the Jozi area or ever visit.

8 comments on “Hello Cape Town - Project me day 521”

  1. Ephineah: 226 results in Google 😉 But you are top 😀

    I'd say avoid the sea, it's too cold 🙁 Then again, cold does interesting things to women, but not much for guys! :p

    Oddly enough I enjoy sitting on the beach all by my lonesome. Might have something to do with the fact that so many of my favourite memories of my dad still live there.
    My recent post A&ampe

    1. We have a lot in common when it comes to daddy memories and they are all rushing back to me on a daily basis.
      I am so much more in writing mode when I'm by the sea so I'm taking full advantage of it! Love the book and can't wait for someone to want to publish it ... baby steps!

  2. keep up the good work and ye get on in the sea if ye can and have fun! I find myself having this urge to improve my own fitness now! esspecially after my lack of breath with me kids yesterday and your mention of fitness today. Don't worry about been single and i know how it can get to you - i have been single for over five years now and have cried and got all upset about it but hey someone somewhere will be the right one for me(and you), if not then no big deal cos i am me and thats the main thing!! Maybe my online,email, post, chat thing i have going on with a lady from Sweden will turn out to be my true love but only time will tell with that......
    My recent post Yesterday–Fun At The Park

    1. There is something very refreshing about starting to move the body and feel that I am getting fitter so I hope you jump on the wagon and join in.
      I have also been single for a long time and make sure that project me keeps me in check so I remember the difference between lonely and alone. I am so blessed to have everyone in my life, but there are those moments when that someone is missing.
      Keep chatting and putting yourself out there hunny ... I believe we all find that someone, even if it last for only a fleeting moment or they are no closer than a skype call!

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