Here's to the YOU in project me - project me day 365

31 December 2010

I did it! I actually did it! I can't get past staring at the 365 part in the title. I'm awash with emotion and gushing with pride, yet somehow I can't help but think of everyone but me right now. I have been dreaming about doing the 365th blog and always imagined doing a recap of the year that passed but all I want to do today is say thank you.

This is going to sound totally like the collection of an Oscar award but if you don't know that little bit of drama in me by now ... well you just haven't read enough of 'project me'.

Where to begin?

At the beginning when I had the first glimmer of an idea to begin blogging daily and sharing with the world that it is possible to live each day consciously, in truth and with abundant purpose.
To my best friend and business partner, Greg (my Greggie) (oh, and with that I have shed my first tear). Thank you for believing in me and my ability to live 'project me'. For trusting in my tenacity and dedication to myself and our business that I would begin this and follow through and then for encouraging me to continue?indefinitely?and seeing the possibility of the blog and of my business and teaching abilities. Without your initial wink and smile at this idea, 'project me' would not have been born.

Bruce Young, who is known as My Knight and is my incredibly supportive and patient sponsor through his business, Website Brucie, when I called you with a blank canvas and an idea you gushed with enthusiasm and breathed life into the 'project me' blog. Your incredible design and foresight has helped me establish a brand that is now growing into a product all of its own. Thank you for loving me for who I am ... impossible, indecisive, confused instruction and dazed direction. Without you I would not have built up the confidence to take control of my blog, the power of social networking and my ability to spread my voice around the world.

Mom, the very fact that you worried about this idea and the damage I might do to myself and my reputation if I splashed my life across the world, yet your unfailing support despite all your concerns, that has been the greatest gift of all. You have never stopped listening, watching me and the blog grow and as you have seen the value of my work so have I realised my value too. I have had one of the best years of my life living with you. Thank you for encouraging me to be me and for sharing every step of my journey ... no matter how crazy, daring, cheeky or sassy I have been. You make up for all the empty space I wish I could have shared with dad along this journey.

Family is an incredible thing and with all that I have been through this year you have never been too far away. Even in the misunderstanding of my choices and my misunderstanding of some of yours, here we are, piled into a room on many?occasion. Every one of you have helped me heal in some precious way and will be eternally grateful.

Hustler Girl, you have grown into one of my most treasured friends. I don't know how to thank you for the love, support and laughter. Beyond that, your sponsorship from Hustler Extreme has been a joy when I have been dating and a blessing when I have been single. Your belief is me never goes unnoticed and I am so excited for a year ahead where our working relationship and friendship will continue to blossom into something so incredibly special.

Pandora, good golly do I miss you! With all the thousands of miles and oceans between us, you have never been too far from my heart. I know we haven't spoken nearly enough but your support when I started this project and your guiding me through my healing was a treasured gift. I have many dreams and a lot of them include airplane trips, ice cream and you! I love you my friend.

Twinkletoes! Wow, where did you come from? A million thank you's for your incredible friendship and for believing in me the way that you do. I don't know if I would be stepping into the second year of 'project me' if I didn't know that you would be right by my side. Exciting things for all of us next year ... exiting things!

To my sponsors, Beauty Worx and Regim A. You stepped in and helped me deal with an issue I have been battling since high school. I never thought I would find a skin care range that would give me the freedom to walk confidently amongst the world without a stitch of make-up. Thank you Tracy and Nicky for your time, care and belief in 'project me' enough to be so gracious with your sponsorship.

To Niel of SlimLab who really had to have the patience of a thousand saints to get me to understand the concept of your incredible product and who fought with me as I battled so many issues of fear and shame that cloud a potentially exciting journey of getting to know my body and becoming a healthier me. I am so grateful for your time and knowledge and I enter a new chapter without the usual fears that cloud my ongoing issues of body and weight.

Thank you to Thava, one of my favourite restaurants in Jozi, for your incredible sponsorship, delicious food and special service. In your home I have shared many precious moments with incredible friends. I especially thank you for bringing me food when I was most sick and needed the nurturing of your perfect butter chicken.

To my special friends. The ones I have known for many years and those who have come into my life recently, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing my year with me. You celebrated the good, supported me through the bad and helped me heal with every call, sms, smile and laugh. I am one lucky girl.

To the boys who came (not like that) and went. Those who showed me that I have the power to attracted or to love or to care and those who showed me what I truly want and deserve. To Mr Wow who showed me that love at first sight is real, to Mr Big with whom I learned the sad lesson of knowing when to walk away and to The Jock ... well, you showed me that lovers can turn to friends and those friendships can be one of the most precious and treasured of all. I have taken a little bit of each of you and wait for the lover and friend that is wondering when he will find me. There are some incredible men around the world who I have not had the honour meeting, yet we have special bonds and you never left my side or lost patience with me when I vanished from the cyber world for months. To Fence Guy, Film Dude and especially to Mr Irish (because you have supported 'project me' even though you always remind me that you just don't get the point!) ... I am so grateful that you are in my life.

To the 111 600 visitors of which 31 500 of you joined me as unique visitors along the way ... to you I say thank you for being the motivation and inspiration to carry on writing, especially at the most desperate times when my body ached and my fingers couldn't type. I have made incredible friends through the world of blogging and love and thanks goes to Nikki, Robbie, Ms Girl, Steve Thomas, Irvin Sammons, Darrell Cuthbert, Antony Chacko and the she's the geek team for sharing your blogging worlds with me too.

To my Twitter and Facebook friends and followers. Without you 'project me' would never have grown to what it is today. There are far too many Twitter newspapers to thank for including my blog in your papers but every time I am there I feel more and more alive with?possibility.

I'm sure by now the music would be playing and some gorgeous actor would be shooing me off the stage, but I can't leave without thanking my unseen friends ... My guides, guardians, the voices in my head, the feelings in my heart and the knowing in my belly. To my most precious friends of all, a goddess, a wolf and a dragon. Thank you for holding me in your strength and guiding me with your wisdom. Lastly ... to the moon ... anyone who has ever watched her wax and wane then you will understand why.

Because of all of you ... I am me!

Wishing you a very happy New Year and here's hoping that you find your own 'project me' and live each day with the knowing that you are magnificent and that the whole of existence waits to hear your dreams and watch them come true.

3 comments on “Here's to the YOU in project me - project me day 365”

  1. Congratulations, Ms. Jodene!! What a great accomplishment. Loved reading this entry! Lovely pic, too. Thank you for the wonderful shout out. It has been a true pleasure getting to know through your blog and I'm so happy to have connected with a fellow, daily blogger. Kudos to you for sharing your dynamic, sassy self with all of us! Looking forward to your new season. Onward and upward! Cheers to you.

    Ms. Girl
    My recent post Ringing it In!

    1. I have enjoyed every minute of sharing the world of daily blogging with you, Ms. Girl. Even though we are oceans apart I feel as though I have so much to share with you. Here's wishing you a very Happy New Year filled with the continued blessing of seeing the world through your beautiful and grateful eyes.

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