Hey, this moment is on my vision board - project me day 440

16 March 2011
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I'm half dressing, half blogging and finishing off the last bit of packing. It's a checklist free moment, which I thought I would never achieve in my life. It takes a lot of trust for a control freak to pack with the realisation that I'm not going to the middle of nowhere and if I've forgotten anything I can buy it. Greggie taught me that lesson when we went to Italy together. It was laced with sarcasm, but the point stuck with me.

The last time I climbed on a plane all by myself was in 1989! Yes ... I kid you not! I'm not the greatest loner-traveler!

On the other hand, I am a big dreamer and a very determined individual so climbing on a plane to fly to Cape Town for my first out of town talk ... well that I can totally overcome. Last night at our regular Tuesday night get-together, I was telling my mom and Greggie that it's amazing how you overcome things at the perfect time. I seriously thought I would be in a much bigger state over leaving Greggie at the check-in line and having to do the rest all by myself, including trusting that the people who respect me and have invited me to Cape Town will remember to fetch me.

Wow ... my first out of town talk!!!
It's on days like this that I am thrilled I started telling my 'project me' story when moments like this were just as picture stuck on a vision board.
Amazingly, when I created the vision board I wasn't even business partners with Greggie. There was no concept of an incredible business called Lifeology. There certainly was no intention under the sun of teaching people about sex. ?I don't think I was confident enough to have an orgasm let alone mention the word and now I'm traveling to do a talk under my brand 'organic orgasm'.

I love that about vision boards! It's one of the things I most wanted to teach before I found my passion for organic orgasm and project me. I wanted to teach people the hidden secrets as to why people don't manage to manifest what they plaster all over their vision boards. I wanted to teach people that when you look back at your board, it won't look anything like the dreams you initially had in mind back then ... it will be better.

Greg and I often contemplate how we are going to get messages across to the world and the one that always baffles us most is trying to explain to people the steps that either of us took to get from merely dreaming to truly living. How did I get from the shy, insecure girl who couldn't say 'sex' to the woman who now helps other people explore the wonders of their bodies, their partner's bodies and the endless joys of sex?

Oh, you want an answer to that? Hmmmm ... I went with the flow. I didn't resist the moments that life threw at me. I listened to my teachers and then threw out the things I didn't like. I added in the things I did and then realised that I didn't like some of those things and so I threw out ideas and beliefs all over again.
I risked!! I risked like hell, I might tell you! I risked being destitute at one point and I risked the?disapproval?of my family at another, but at those moments, that's when I realised what I wanted most of all.

And then one day you wake up and you are doing things that might scare the living daylights out of you, but you wouldn't be anywhere else in the world. So, my bags are nearly packed and my incredibly supportive business partner is nearly on his way to fetch me for the airport. On the other side, the team from Sensual Boutique are awaiting my arrival after an invitation to be a guest speaker at their sexy store in Table View.

I could be stressed that the crowd is small and at one point I contemplated canceling because numbers were low but then I remembered going to a talk by one of my great inspirations, Mike Dooley. He spoke of doing his talk and there were only two people in the audience ... his mother and his brother. Now he travels around the world and he fills halls.

That too, is on my vision board ... watch this space!

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