Hey world - I'm a blogger - project me day 131

12 May 2010

My absolute favourite series on TV is House. There's too much about it to admire, chuckle at and return for to even mention, but when an episode relates exactly to you ... you gasp. It wasn't the dying person (she sighs with relief) but her lifestyle that had me fixated and?analyzing?my symptoms. She was a blogger.

I watched with my mom and I felt as though I was sixteen and watching a sex scene with her. You know that wiggling, uncomfortable, you think you should distract her or it's the perfect time to go pee kind of moment? My family's not thrilled about the blogging because I was born different. I was born with a passion to teach and a willingness to use my life as an example for the world to learn from.
That's never good for semi normal family where the Jewish psyche is stuck on reputation.
I haven't felt that uncomfortable with my mom in ages, remembering that we are very close and I don't keep much from her ... nope, she's never not known where I am a day in my life, even if I shouldn't be where I am. She's cool and I'm blessed ... but none the less the blogging freaks her.

Not nearly as much as the blogging was freaking out the poor boyfriend of the dying girl on House. I watched with a very?judgmental?eye that was focused on none other than me because this chick was way over the top obsessive about her blogging. You could see the strain it put on her relationship and how she had completely created a co-dependent crutch between herself and her readers. Yes ... TV is always sensationalised, but it did make me realise that daily blogging and sharing your personal life with the world is so a part of the norm that House has an episode about it.

Hey world ... I'm a blogger.

I don't believe in coincidence so I'm not surprised at all that the program stirred up some issues about how much you share with your readers ... when all of a sudden I am having the strangest boy time and am very willing to share. That's when I'm so thrilled that I know the different between passion and addiction (but that's for a teaching blog ... coming soon!)
So ... my passion shares away at the loopiness of a day filled with boy stuff.

QT is coming to town. He's one of those that I haven't really mentioned. We chat often and he's one of the sweetest, cutest (like hot cute) and genuine guys I've chatted to on the net. He told me he was coming to visit ages ago and I'm so used to the 'bravado?chronicles' that I hardly took him seriously. ?Well, to my total surprise ... he's not only coming to town, but he's set aside one day to spend with me. Marked off ... no one to disturb or?interfere ... no time limit time together. Did we just get a little flirty now that he's coming to town?
That's one ...

So I played a mind game that went a little something like this ...
The Jock has been out of my life for well over a month and I 'have' decided that he's gone for good, but when he comments on a common friend's facebook status, I sneakily comment also. I know he'll see it and it'll only annoy him. But I don't expect what actually happens ... he sends a friend requests, and a message, and he calls. My heart stops for a moment and considering it already misses one beat (yes, my heart goes doof, doof, ...... doof) I go bath to give myself time to think.
Long story short ... I accept the friendship and take the call! Yes ... I know I said I wouldn't but I'm thinking this guy's my?nemesis. His status has changed to 'in a relationship' and for the first time we have to work on just being friends.
That's two ...

Okay so I don't think going younger is on the cards for me. So I decide to have one of my open and frank conversations with the younger guy and tell him that he can't get all flirty at night and then get tired and drop the chat like he has a?curfew. He totally agrees and get a little flirty .... and what do you know ... curfew and he's gone ... grrrrrr
That's three ...

So I have a guy friend who knows a guy that I have a history with. My guy friend doesn't live in my town and we are only friends through Facebook, but we do get on like a house on fire and chat often. I'm dying to meeting and make the friendship real ... and of course we've chatted about exploring the bond and connection we have. So then why the hell is the guy with the history contacting my guy friend and reminding him about the rule. Do you men really have an unwritten rule that you can't go with your friend's girl? Even after you are the one who rejected the girl????
Damn straight that that's four ...

The smiley bit is that Mr Big is slowly learning to communicate ... woo hoo! We have our little chat here and there and it builds up to the knowing that we're gonna have our awesome time together ... which is an additional woo hoo because of the chats in between. Boys don't know the power of communication when trying to keep the flame of passion going. But it's there and it's lit and in my crazy bubble of childish excitement ... I have to see him before the tattoo so that I don't see him until it's all healed and stylin'!! Yep ... I've decided that healing tattoos are all scabby and crusty and not sexy at all ... Greggie's laughing at me might indicate that I'm expecting far worse than it shall be
None the less ... that's five!

The irony ...
The Jock just called to chat and the conversation got honest about why he deleted me from facebook ... I knew why but I still let him tell me that it's deleted me because he couldn't take my blogs that spoke about all these guys and that reminded him of how flirty and single and free to do what I like I am ... and here I sit blogging all about men. So, I'm going to gym before posting this because I have to breathe and not worry that it's going to make him run away again ... we can be friends ... we can do this ... so don't delete your blog post Jodene! ... And don't you delete me either My Jock!

15 comments on “Hey world - I'm a blogger - project me day 131”

  1. HEY I'M BAAACK!!!

    I don't watch House, nor Grey's Anatomy or anything of the like. I love them but they get my OCD going and its not fun as it is :'( . I do find it awesome though that a story was created around a blogger. We're taking over the world mwuahahaha!!

    Holy monkey woman but you've got men everywhere, its a plague, hehe and I'm sure a FUN one at times. Good luck with juggling them and everything envolved. I love how men say women are hard to read or are a lot of work or are overly dramatic, when they can be just as bad if not worse about what they see as their "territory". Men o.0
    My recent post Always Such a Lady Award

    1. Yay, Nikki's back! You've been missed my friend!!

      I think it's easy to forget what single life is like for you comfie married folk ... tee hee! There are those who come and go, but there are some really good guys out there who just want to be loved ... they just have a funny way of showing it 😉

      1. True I agree, but I never had so many guys on my plate so to speak, and I am a little envious ;). Other than guy friends, who well ugh they are a totally other category, LOL. It's been 11 years since I was single, I've forgotten, luckily haha, what it was like before Bo, since I was in highschool. Which is nothing compared to being a single adult I know. I think we'd all like to forget highschool if we could.

        I missed you too!!
        My recent post Always Such a Lady Award

  2. Forgot to mention the whole tatoo thing. I have mine at the small of my back so I can't really say there is no scab or crusty junk, but I do remember it itched like crazy. Good luck with the tat! I want another one, have it all picked out but not where to put it.
    My recent post Always Such a Lady Award

    1. Ah, I'd love to see the tat! I've heard that it's super itchy and that it's more flaky than scabby! None the less i"m hiding it until it's gone from crusty to sexy ... tee hee hee!

      Also ... my friend isn't coming with me anymore ... so I'm going on my own. It show's how I've grown and changed because I would have contemplated cancelling if that had happened to me before 'project me'.

      What does the next one look like?

  3. Hands down, Apple's app store wins by a mile. It's a huge selection of all sorts of apps vs a rather sad selection of a handful for Zune. Microsoft has plans, especially in the realm of games, but I'm not sure I'd want to bet on the future if this aspect is important to you. The iPod is a much better choice in that case.

  4. I can't believe how calmly you handle all these issues that would freak out so many other people. I know that someone coming back into my life and leaving it again would certainly freak me out. I love your tolerance for people and how you always see the good and light side of life.

    Tat is around the corner. Keep us posted on the nerves.

    1. Hey Jess .... awesome to see you around again!!

      Do I really sound so chilled ... thanks hun, that means I really am getting it right!

      As for the tattoo ... I somehow think that nerves are going to say 'Hello" from the weekend on! It's only the pain ... not doubts what-so-eva

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