Horse ointment & houses - project me day 639

5 October 2011
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I'm becoming accustom to the trend of my year after my birthday and have decided that gratitude and faith will be my new 'project me' slogan.

Trust me I needed it today:
I went to gym and had another session of abs where I realised just how weak my body is after my back injury. I have the most amazing personal trainer and every time I feel like my leg is going to turn to jelly and fall off, he gets that proud look in his eye and pushes me forward.

I needed even more faith when I was driving home from gym and tried to call my mom to see if she was fine. Of course the Universe threw a curve ball and her phone was off. It was the longest ten minute drive of my life but I kept calm considering the burglary and the safety of my mom is now weighing on my mind a lot. She was fine ... but it's time to move house.

Today I sent a BBM to Mr Unexpected saying: "between my mom and my man, I'm the luckiest girl in the world." She had taken me shopping for my goggles, swimming cap and swimming costume to start swimming at the gym. He was telling me how much he loves me.
I needed that mommy and daughter time and she amazingly bought me a few pretty tops and a gorgeous pair of summer shoes because we both needed the retail therapy.

The whole day the price of the rental house we were going to see was concerning me. It couldn't be so cheap ... there had to be something wrong. Well, there isn't. It's a gorgeous house in a great area and we all love it. Now to put an offer in, get it approved and get out of the lease we are in considering the landlords have for sale signs plastered everywhere.

And lastly ... I think my back is in shock between the abs workout, maybe moving sooner than expected and well ... life in general. What would a cowboy boyfriend be without horse ointment. I kid you not ... it has a picture of a horse on it and all ... and it works a charm.

Now to go rest my tired back and get ready for day 640!

3 more sleeps and my bestie is home!

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