How #FollowSA rocked Joburg at Fire and Ice - project me day 755

26 January 2012

A huge thank you to the biggest #FollowSA crowd to date ... 130 people, for making #howzite2012 such a memorable event!


I don't know whether yesterday, the day of the event, or today was more of a whirlwind. What an incredible event #FollowSA #Howzit2012 turned out to be. My very rough estimate is that #followsa was Tweeted over 1000 times for the event.

The Fire and Ice Melrose Arch team headed by Anton Gillis who just happens to be an amazing DJ on the side. What a bonus

Twitter was an absolute frenzy of Tweets with the hashtag #fireandicema thanks to the generous hospitality of Anton Gillis and his Protea Hotels Fire and Ice team. I don't have words to express the pride and emotion that filled my night as I took in the venue that made #FollowSA #Howzit2012 the most spectacular event to date.

A special thanks to Karen Battaliou who doubled as an employee and a very dear friend. #FollowSA was born because of my wish that people connected to amazing individuals in the way that I have and K, you are a shining example. Thank you!

The food just never stopped ... wow!

It's the first time that a venue has catered for a #FollowSA event as part of the sponsorship and the combination of?mindbogglingly delicious and the endless supply of it was just spectacular.

I mean, have you EVA?

Yes, that was desert. An unbelievably delicious tower of heavenly pastry, cream, chocolate and strawberry. I'm sure there's a pic of me walking around with an entire plate full at some point.

Lovoka Milkshakes .... mmmmm

Thanks to Franco D' Onofrio of Twiga Communications for organising the Lovoka sponsorship so that #followsa could welcome each guest with an adult milkshake that Fire and Ice Melrose Arch hotel is famous for.

Greggie talking the crowd through a very interesting prize from Hustler Girl's store, Hustler Extreme!

A huge thank you to the prize givers, @lovokaSA, @hustlergirl, @daisydeblonde of?@lamb_media, @jdhairbeauty and @proteahotels #fireandicema ... it's always such a fun time at the events and with you guys there would surely be something amiss at #followsa

A host of amazing celebs graced the stage

I'm always so humbled by the amazing entertainers who have found their way to the #FollowSA events and found such joy in being a part of the excitement.
Thank you to my dear Sibu Radebe, who I happened to meet through my blogging journey, for stepping in to be emergency MC for the night. You are such a great presence and we were honoured to share the stage with you.
Crushanda Forbes came 3rd in the Idols finals last year and it was so great to have her join us on stage to hand out prizes. Thanks for being such a great sport and for you enthusiasm to be a part of a future #followsa event.
Then there's Caitlin the electric?violinist ...

Caitlin, you are an entertainer beyond words and you took the crowd's breath away by your incredible talent with the?violin. Thank you for giving so generously of your time to make #FollowSA #Howzit2012 what it was ... and thanks most of all for honouring my special request and playing Cotton Eye Joe for me! I love you kid!!!
I will be posting a video of Caitlin in action for her project me interview on the blog in the near future.

To the new faces and the old, you are #followsa and these events are for you and because of you and on behalf of Greg, Lifeology and me I thank you for every Tweet and every questions that asks: "when is the next #FollowSA event?"

Lastly ... to the man in my life who doubles as #FollowSA's resident photographer, Pat Sloane (and I don't have a pic because he's always hiding behind the camera) I thank you for capturing every event as a perfect moment in time, for loving and supporting me and putting up with speed wobble before, during and after every event!

3 comments on “How #FollowSA rocked Joburg at Fire and Ice - project me day 755”

  1. Jodene,

    Thank you for the invite, a most enjoyable evening was had. The people that were met and the followers I have received at both of the events which I have attended have been fantastic.

    I will be there for the next and all of the ones to follow just to experience the "vibe" and positive attitude that all the #followsa tweeps give out.

    I have always left the venues feeling inspired and motivated which is what life should be about.



  2. Jodene. You outdid yourself darling. This was a spectacular night, exquisite venue, scrumptious food, oh so heavenly Adult Milkshakes, beautiful people. Welldone! A very successful event!

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