How long do I wait? - project me day 171

22 June 2010

When I was in Italy I learned the concept 'slow food' and totally fell in love with it. Respect for the Italians and their passion for good food and the patience it takes to have the best. I never ate fast food again and I never made mushy napolitana again. No instant sauce ... only the freshest of ingredients and I've never heard anyone that I cook for complain about the wait. I've also never heard anything less that sighs of pleasure and mouthfuls of happy moans of delicious pleasure.

I don't mind waiting for my food at all ... but what about love?

I've been asked to wait!
He's gotto be brave and make a change or two to his life and he's not even sure if he'll be bold enough to do it, but her really wants to and he just wants me to give him a little while?
Oscar Wilde once said: ?If you are not too long, I will wait here for you all my life,? and I kinda feel like that right now. However, waiting for pasta and waiting for someone to figure themselves out are worlds apart. Life is our own individual recipe and there is no right or wrong here. Considering I've had all of these revelations about listening to the collective and not liking the concept of calculated risk at all, then what do I do while still living up to my truth in 'project me'?

I should just be having fun and not worry about goals at all. So much easier said than done. I can't shut my head up and I know that at the other end of the line he can't either.
I told a man what to do once. I set ultimatums and thought that I was pushing him because it was best for both of us. He ended up not being able to sustain the lie and settled (and I don't mean that in an ugly way because no one should ever just settle) ... but he settled for someone who didn't expect him to change at all. I learned that day that what you see is what you get and that ultimatums and requests for change will never sustain a persons truth.

So ... I wait!
Pasta is so tough to judge ... if you don't wait long enough it's all chewy and if you wait too long, it's all mushy. Al dente means something different to everyone and they way they test if that pasta is ready also varies ... so how long do I wait?

I love the concept of slow food ... I love the concept of truth ... I love the concept of love ... so I'm doing what we do in Napoli ... "We wait!!!"
For how long you ask? ... Until it's time to stop waiting! Ah, the Italians taught me well! And in the meantime I'm thinking my friends are gonna be eating a whole lot of pasta while I forget time and don't wait at all.

13 comments on “How long do I wait? - project me day 171”

    1. Thank you my Greggie ... you might just have to remind me that in the doing nothing, I still have to breathe. Thanks the Gods that happens involuntarily.

  1. My grandma always said "A watched pot never boils" and I personally think that means more than waiting for water to boil. If your searching for something, most of the time you never find it....until you stop looking and boom its there. The concept of slow food and not watching for that bubble, is a good mixture if you ask ;) tough and annoying as it may be at times. MWUAH

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    1. Hey ... well the update is the the kettle is still boiling and I'm trying my utmost to avert my eyes. I'm beginning to thing that I'm a little bit more than waiting for someone ... so I feeling a little prouder of myself! Woo hoo ...
      Thank for the great advice hun ... it surely did help!

  2. Jo, You have the answer with you for all the questions that fumble around your heart.....its this : "absolutely goalless totally purposeful"<3
    Expecting something to happen you start setting a goal for yourself!!
    Just take the eyes off that brewing pot, it will be done for "boom" Nice thought Nikki
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    1. Thank you my friend. I am realising that I need to just adjust to the fact that I take more risks than a lot of people and then I relax about the situation and remember to have a whole lot of fun in between. Both of you give me great advice and a whole lot of support ... thanks again!

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