How many potatoes can one girl eat? - project me day 205

25 July 2010

There's a first for everything and Swiss cheese raclette was one mighty fine intro

I'm taking one of those perfect Sundays where the Country music is on after waking up way into 10am and I have no plans at all. So I'm blogging early and planning to indulge in doing as little as possible. Mindless days are pretty new for me, especially seeing as though I had such computer chaos this past week and don't have all my work ready for my self inflicted deadline. None the less, the most I want to do chill and eat as little as possible.

That's not because I'm clinging to my eating issues but rather because I swear I'm still full from last night.
I love new experiences and my dad did a great job of teaching me to always try something once. Well he was specifically talking about food, but I have kinda taken his advice and used it in other areas of my life, but that's so for another day. Right now it's all about the perfect evening spent with Greggie, E and Swiss. The cheese comes later ... E's man is better known as Swiss for the obvious reasons and I'm so thrilled that he wanted to share the traditions of Raclette with us.

Um ... I hadn't heard of it either, but my oh my is it just such a decadent experience. This fancy griller that you can't seem to buy in South Africa, with this imported cheese (known as raclette) which also doesn't seem to be found in these parts of the world, along with the special spice of peppery sweetness that returned to SA in Swiss's luggage.

So it's these thick slices of raclette cheese that you sprinkle with different peppers and pop under the griller that is?sizzling?bacon and chunks of beef on top. While that's all going on you take a small potato and chop it up, waiting in?anticipation?to scrape the perfectly melted cheese over it. A little more spice, a sip of red wine, some pickled?gherkin?and onion ... awesome company ... and you're set.

This is where 'project me' got interesting. Food crisis didn't happen ... well sorta. Holy shit, you eat a potato with every new piece of grilled cheese. Super rich, thick sliced, grilled cheese smothered over potato. I'm sure some?dietitian?and gym freak is dying of horror out there and counting calories that must have been a week's worth. ?That's when I realised just how far my relationship has come with food. Yep, we actually have a relationship with it and mine used to be pretty?destructive. I either would have been so zoned out and just stuffing my face that I didn't savour every moment of such a beautiful experience or I would have been so conscious of over eating that I would have hated every moment.
I just was and it only enhanced the whole being in the moment thing. Friends and food has always been a special combination for me and it was such a?privilege?being invited into Swiss's world.

I never stop and get totally lost in the moment and it's a magical place to be even when counting ... one potato, two potato, three ... all for me 😉

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  1. Thank you for the comment on my blog. It's always a pleasure to read your blog and return the favor.

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