How #MoneyMagic helped make #ProjectMe magic

11 August 2013

I'm snuggled in bed with every muscle in my body aching. Okay, slightly dramatic, but the truth is that at least every muscle in my legs are in a state of shock. Not a bad thing, but rather a long awaited milestone.

I've been carrying on about my fitness along my #projectme journey for far too long and as my relationship with food improved, so I felt the natural pull to want to get fit.

If you've been following my #moneymagic blog posts after the past 6 weeks, you will know that I have had some unbelievable changes in my relationship with money and have done things like finally started saving, opening current accounts, creating budgets and I've started paying off my credit card.

The one thing that I learned most about myself and money is that I never knew how much I had and what I could do with it. Greggie was always in control of the finance (because I just didn't care too) and so I found myself literally living like I only had pennies. I don't have pennies and this past week I got to really sit down and think about what I wanted to do with money.

It's amazing that as you put something out into the universe, the right things flood your way and within a few days I had booked my first yoga class thanks to a friend and signed up for my first trail run (in my case, walk).

My amazing friends who I shared the trail run experience with

My amazing friends who I shared the trail run experience with

Money has been my greatest excuse for so long and I've always been clear on what I wanted to do, but in my head I had a paid for gym contract and it was a waste to spend money on any other form of exercise. The problem has been that I hate going to the gym, so I haven't been exercising.
Money magic truly is about building an energetic and real relationship with money. One where it's give and take and happiness is the meeting point. I want money to make me happy and money wants to make me happy, so in this week I did it. I did two things that I have known for years would make me happy.

I've learned to see where every cent is being spent and when I paid for my one month's yoga classes I literally did a dance around my room. I was thanking and air kissing money for giving me the opportunity to do something so in line with my beliefs.

Today, I literally dragged myself up a mountain. If I had known that my first rail run was going to be one of the toughest routes out there ... well ... that's why we can't see into our future.
My friends left me far behind because I truly didn't expect the climb and needed to go at my own pace, so after a while I was in the middle of nowhere with only myself to get from one kilometer to the next. I nearly sat down and burst out crying more than once, but the combination of my very long #projectme journey with myself and my brand new #moneymagic relationship started to fill my mind.

I said my affirmations and I started to congratulate myself for every step I took. Soon enough, I didn't care how long it took me to complete the 5.2km or how long my friends would have to wait for me after they crossed the finish line. I got caught in the path of the 12km runners and as I was letting them pass, so many of them were affirming for me that it was a hectic trail and that, in fact, I was doing damn well.

That reminded me of life!
That reminded me of my long and rocky relationship with myself and with money!
But at the end ... when I got my medal ... that reminded me most of all that I can achieve anything!

6 comments on “How #MoneyMagic helped make #ProjectMe magic”

  1. I did your journey 9 years ago, yours brings back so many amazing memories. The rewards get so much better. So inspiring Jo. Xxx

  2. Good for you! I just had the conversation with my hubby that I want us to start being conscious about money. I need an energetic relationship with money!
    Love to you, my friend!

    1. It's such an empowering journey with money Traci, and I hope that you find as much joy bonding with it. Love you too and never forget that one of the visions I have with money is that it is going to bring me to you!! One day 🙂

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