How to make a multitasking mind focus on one project

30 July 2015
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If you're looking for sound advice, I can't promise you much. This isn't one of those development tips for the multitasker, but it is the true story of how crazy it is for said multi tasking entrepreneur to stay focused one of task for the entire day.

Usually I have a todo list a page long and jump between emails, social media, a client chat here and solving a problem there, but today I had one task. I had one document that I was determined to start, finish and get off to my client by close of business today. The deadline is next week, but I have a crazy tomorrow and can't be So my morning started the way any multi tasker would begin a focused day ... I moved all the furniture around in my house. Don't stress, that only took from 5am to 7am, still giving me the rest of the day to do what I never do ... only one thing!

bubblesIf you think I kid about bubbles being my sanity, today is going to set the record straight.

Thinking about one thing all day is my version of insanity. I even had moments where I thought I was going to explode from frustration, but I was also determined to focus and get the job done.

Bubbles ... just when my mind and the millions of anxious multi tasking cells in my body were about to explode, I grabbed my bottle of emergency bubbles. I have those. Yes ... I really, really have those!

Out into the garden and a few minutes of happy bubble blowing kept me going for a few more hours. Well, minutes ... but I took each minute at a time and was thrilled about any WhatsApp I received or email that I had to quickly check, just in case it was urgent. I only dealt with the urgent ones ... I promise!

Once this document was done and sent off to the client, I feed up my day for another client event tomorrow morning and full admin catch up for the rest of the day. Then I have a weekend. A whole weekend ... Imagine that.

bubbles and strawIf you are able to focus on one task, all day, I fall at your feet in admiration.

I nearly went insane. The amazing part is that I absolutely love putting together strategy for my clients but for some reason, every cell in my body knows that it should all be done in one sitting.

It could take me three days. It usually does, but then that's a bit of work at night and some on the weekend and ... it's time to try something new.

Bubbles ... I needed more! If you're only getting to know me, you'll soon learn that drinking bubbles is my anxiety reliever. It's also my weight loss bestie. For whatever reason, bubbles bring back the calm and the balance. Then there's the bendy straw ... when that gets hauled out you know I'm in need of major calming down. There's a packet in my makeup draw just in case I don't make it to the kitchen on time.

5:25pm and the document is complete and sent to the client. My insides feel like mush from the anxiety of the simple task of focusing. On the other hand, I have bouncy feelings of self pride and achievement, that I do have the ability to do something different. It was a long, totally out the norm kinda day, but I did keep one thing constant ... my bubbles! There's sanity in them ... I swear there is!

Huge thanks goes to @SA_Sodastream for my birthday present last year. It's the most used kitchen appliance and I have my bubbles on tap, which literally keeps me sane. I'll also soon blog about how it keeps me on the weight loss track ... but that's for another day! Right now ... I'm going to go and do five things at once, just because I can!!

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