How to Take the Next Step When You Feel Defeated

8 April 2024

This message was sparked by three very dear people in my life, chatting with me lately and saying very similar things. “I feel like I’m two steps back!”

Are you feeling it too? Let me tell you why.

It’s been hard to miss this buzz about the big solar eclipse on April 8, 2024. Eclipses aren’t rare. We have them every year, and we call this time the eclipse season. So, why am I talking about it, and what does it have to do with me wanting you to dig deep (even if you really don’t feel like it) and find some self-love on this very powerful day?

Astrology is not the snippet in the newspaper that gives you a prediction about your sun sign for the week to come. It can be, but not when you are a part of my world.

It’s also not purely for you to know your sun sign and attest every part of your personality to being Gemini, Sagittarius, or wherever the sun was at your time of birth. It can be, but not when you and I are connected, and I can guide you through the beautiful layers of understanding how your personality and instinct to life are influenced by all twelve of the zodiac signs.

That’s for another day. Today, I want to make sure you don’t feel all this eclipse energy in a low-esteem way, which is very tangible right now.

If you are also feeling two steps back in this, one step forward, two steps back, dance of life, it’s okay!
Welcome to Aries eclipse season!
Aries is the archetype of the pioneer and deals with all things new as the first sign of the zodiac. It has a youthfulness, and on the other side, it can really come in from a space of almost feeling childish and not knowing how to manage growing up situations.

This can give you the feeling of not being as ahead in your journey through life as you really are. The frustration for so many could be that it feels as though you have worked so hard and done so much, yet you still feel as though you are at the bottom of the mountain or the starting block.
I can assure you that you are not.

There is so much Aries energy now, including Mercury Retrograde (how you think and communicate) and Venus (how you give and receive kindness and care).

When there is so much Aries energy around, especially because it is the focus of the eclipse season and continues until October, there can be a feeling of deep frustration stemming directly from how much you have put into certain aspects of your life and how far away you feel you still have to go.
Eclipses call for us to see the things that we are not seeing. It is the perfect time to do the opposite of what you're weary, scared, disappointed, angry, restless, confused, or deeply frustrated mind is calling for you to do. That is, to focus on all you have not achieved and everything that you still have to do.

If, in any way, you are currently feeling defeated, I am asking you, with all my heart, to imagine that you are not at the bottom of the mountain, staring all the way up at everything you still have to climb. That you do not feel as though you are at the starting block and have an entire life race to run.

This is exactly what the low-esteem energy of Aries can do.

No matter how you feel as the Pioneer right now, I can assure you that you are not at the bottom of the mountain or the starting block.

I have an exercise for you that I would like you to do. It's really simple!
Take some time to close your eyes and imagine that you are more than halfway up the mountain. I want you to imagine yourself turning around and looking down.
Really take it in.
You may be at a new point in summiting certain parts of your life, or it may feel like all of life is going backwards at the moment, but you are not at the bottom of the mountain.

If you truly feel frustrated about where you are, I am offering you the opportunity to reach out to me and have a conversation.

Maybe the only difference you can offer yourself in the bravery and newness that the Pioneer within you is calling for you to make is to not have all of these voices and thoughts rattling around in your own head.

I'm offering the opportunity for you and me to simply have a free 30-minute conversation. If you want more time with me, then book an hour with me, and we can use it to have a conversation about what the actual … is going on!

If you would like, I will have a look at your personality blueprint, which comes from your time of birth, to discover where this Aries energy is in your life.
Otherwise, I'm just here to simply chat.

Whether I know you or not, I am assuring you that what I do know is that you are not at the starting block and you are not at the bottom of the mountain.

Be kind to yourself ...

Jodene Shaer - Personal Transformation Coach

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    1. I am so happy that this message was perfectly timed and so helpful to you. x

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