How to tell Your Project Me Story

4 March 2011


Project me is my daily blog that tells the story of my journey and all that can be achieved if we live each day with courage, consciousness and a sense of humour.

However, there is more than just my story to tell. Project me has become a place where people touch reality and see that challenges, burdens, emotional strain, heartache and damaged esteem can be embraced.? It is a place where they know that if I can do it then they can do it too. In a world filled with quick fixes and enough self help books to cover the entire planet, people are finally searching for the truth that does not contain a magic formula.

You have that story to tell too. ?You walk amongst so many who have been told about the power of possibility but who don?t know how to breathe life into their potential. ?We are all born with limitless possibility and with a deeply hidden knowing that we have the ability to be fearless and achieve anything we imagine for ourselves. More people give up than those who dare to search for those hidden powers of self worth, inner strength and the will to see their dreams become a reality.

Our dreams are as unique as our DNA and our willingness to pursue those dreams and reap the reward of success and happiness is determined by our understanding of what it means to live.

Myself and my readers would be honoured to have you share your ?project me? story.

In exchange for your time any product/company/charity/blog of your choice will be the official sponsor for your guest post. This will include an image with a link to their website and/or a brief advertorial about the selected sponsor. There is no charge for the post as your gift to me is sharing every day stories of courage, hope and passion as you never know just who might need to hear it from you above all else.

Simply submit your life story or life changing incident, in no more that 1000 words, as well as a picture of yourself to . If you would like the post to be?anonymous then please send the?pseudonym you would like used and an approprieat picture. Also add a logo of your sponsor, including a link and a bio of no more than 150 words.
Your sponsor will be added to the sponsorship page and remain there and your blog will be featured in the 'Your Project Me Story' section of the blog.

One story is submitted a weeks, so keep checking back and 'Your Project Me Story' will be there!



2 comments on “How to tell Your Project Me Story”

    1. Thank you very much Reut. I would love to see a story featured by yourself or a colleague so that Green Parenthood can sponsor a blog post!

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