How very far I've come - project me day 746

17 January 2012

It's seldom that I take a ?look back at the blog post I wrote a year to the day, but it's not seldom that I don't notice just how everything is exactly as it should be. Here it is again ... one of those perfectly synced moments where the greatest gift I could have given myself was to wonder (now I know the difference between wander and wonder) what I was doing and how I was feeling a year ago today.

I read the post that I wrote 365 days ago and am ending my day mighty proud of my choice to live consciously, or at least do my very best at it each day. Most of all, I've never been more grateful for the dedication to blog daily, even on the night's when I've left it too late, I'm tired and weary and all I want to do is curl up into bed.

So here it is ... 365 days ago I called my blog post: If you had Dorothy's shoes for a day

How far have you come in 365?

2 comments on “How very far I've come - project me day 746”

  1. Ah the ruby red slippers. 😀

    So you finally got home, or is that you have got a home?

    Then again, by simply clicking your heels and ending up where you want to be you also miss out on the journey. If you never have to face the lions and tigers and bears (oh my), if you never have to find out just how much thinking your head of straw can be, if you never have to show a little courage in the face of fear or no matter how hard our outer shell, just how big a heart we can have - well then we've missed out on an awful lot.

    You can travel around the world, seing familiar places and faces only to get home and realise that's where you really belong. After all, there is no place like home.

    Finally got my "Wizard of Oz" DVD, but would still love a pair of those shoes! 😀
    My recent post I'm With You

    1. Aah, I just love this!!!
      Indeed I've finally got home and have got a home ... and it feels so awesomelly good 😉

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