Hug yourself - project me day 697

30 November 2011
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That's all I've wanted to do all day!

It's a whirlwind of a day and this is still yesterday's blog. Later today I'm going to share the experience of the amazing #followsa #downdown2011 event, but right now I'm catching my breath ?... okay, that'a a lie! I'm catching up on Tweets, phone calls of thanks and requests for more #followsa events and ... and ... and

For the first time in ages, there hasn't been that sinking feeling that happens after the build up to a event. That's because nothing seems final or done and I feel as though my path is slowly being paved for me just by being in the moment of all that #FollowSA means to me and everyone else around me.

I have come to realise that my priority is to get the 'what is #FollowSA?' document out there at that recording every moment from this second on is vital for the history of this booming hashtag nad concept ... yet right now ... all I want to do is hug myself.

I want to stop in the moment and not revel in the excitement of the flowing Twitter timeline. I don't want to even daydream about the events that are going to be logged into a public Google map from this moment on ... I just want to stop!

In the midst of it all, I want to spend a moment with me and acknowledge that I set out to do something and I'm doing it. That I said to myself I would live my project me for the world to see and I'm doing that. That I knew there would be obstacle to overcome and I'm overcoming them.

I just want to take a moment to be proud of me and give back to me what I give to so many people when I am proud of them ... a hug!

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