Humbled, blessed, healing - project me day 263

22 September 2010

I have to blog so quick because Greggie went to get supper and mom is in the office and I'm not allowed to be here .... ssshhhhhh!!!

Just wanted to let you know that the op went well and I'm feeling so much better. It's a slow healing process and I can't move about until I talk to the doc on Monday! But that's ok ... I'm smiling and not in agony so yippee!

Another Shhhhh .... I'm gonna find a comfie way to do a nice blog about my hospital and healing experience because it's vital to share it with you ... I mean how can my people not know!

One blessing I have to share is that the Universe always makes sure you don't feel alone in the world and I had a great person (chick like me in other words) who had the same procedure. We swapped numbers and I'm so grateful to not feel alone ... I know I said that but repetition is part of the gratitude (or the?pethidine). I get the feeling we are gonna keep in touch ... not just coz we both have broken backs 😉

Shit ... Greg's back!

Miss you ?... thank you ... love you!

13 comments on “Humbled, blessed, healing - project me day 263”

    1. Thank you my angel blogging friend. I am trying to muster up the courage to do a nice long blog with details ... maybe a few days time! Right now I'm just so happy to have the "S" back in my sparkling personality 😉
      Will catch up on your blog ... promise!

    1. Yes I can just imagine the blog that would follow that one ... friendship didn't survive Jodene's dictation style or Greg's typing speed 😉 How's about you do a blog for me and share the experience through your perception my friend ... it was just as traumatic for you and I can vouch for it that everyone was equally concerned for you 😉

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