I caught the bouquet - project me day 410

14 February 2011

I'm exhausted after a day that turned out to be more magical than I ever imagined it could be. I can't believe that my little sis is married and I am thrilled to say that it was one of the most beautiful weddings I've ever been too ... AND I caught the bouquet.

World, meet my special sister and new brother ... Mr Matthew and Mrs Geordie Nicholls. Aren't they just the cutest couple? I love the height thing that's going and for the cutting of the cake (which was actually biting into gorgeous cup cakes) my little sis stood on a chair and was just about the same height ... tee hee! What a beautiful love to watch blossom.

I was honoured to be my sister's bridesmaid and do the toast to the incredible special couple. My sis and hubby met on Facebook and were engaged 3 months later. In the speech I started it with a pic that was posted straight onto Facebook in honour of the way these crazy kids met! I did the speech impromptu like I said I would and it went off perfectly (besides all the tears). Thanks to everyone who laughed in the right places and cried when they should have ... it made it even more of a gift.

The theme of the wedding was stars and my sister, with her Virgo personality, tied everything in so beautifully. All the little personal touches showed that my sis and hubby poured their heart and soul into sharing their love with everyone who is dear to them.

I can't thank the couple enough for inviting my most precious friends to share the wedding with them (and with me). Thank you to Twinkletoes for driving the bride to her wedding. Fancy car Mr Twinkletoes and oh so cool ... literally aircon cool. Hustler Girl, thanks for helping Geords with your pretty writing and Ponky thanks for driving some special peeps to the wedding for us. Greggie ... thank you for holding it all together when the seems were coming out in my frayed little life with the build up to the wedding.

It's not always easy being single at a wedding and it's a little tougher at that moment when the retinue is asked to join the bride and groom on the dance floor. For once it was a truly special moment for me to dance with my best friend and know that we are both wishing for the other to find true love, but in the meantime ... how lucky can one girl be?

I have been anticipating how I would feel on the day and am so proud of myself for all that I am slowly blossoming into. Less is more and that goes for the bum and tummy most of all. Even I surprised myself at how great I felt but when dear friends had tears in their eyes in honour of my self worth and determination, it was beyond words. I know that I have chosen every step along the way that got me to this point, but without sponsors like RegimA (for my glowing skin that survived all the pre wedding drama) and SlimLab (that kept the binge eating away as a form of survival), I wouldn't have felt as great as I do.

It left me with a new 'project me' knowing and sense of determination. Watching the love that my sister and hubby share reminded me that it's all worth the wait and that he is out there somewhere. It bonded relationships with some family members and reminded me of just how blessed I am to have the friends I do. My back held out so well and I even got to dance the time warp and do the?locomotion.

Today I feel exhausted though, but oh so worth it! So I'm doing simple things like spending time with my sis and her hubby and taking my date (mommy) out for movies and dinner for Valentines.

What a way to celebrate the cheesy day of love! 😉

31 comments on “I caught the bouquet - project me day 410”

  1. It was such a special wedding and we were so thrilled to be there to share in all the excitement with everyone.

    Jo you have just blossomed and look radiant and magnificent.

    Your words to Geordie and Matt were from the appendix or is it the spleen, intestines oh no silly me from the heart! ( you had to be at the wedding blog readers).

    And your turn will come too and we cant wait to be there to share it with you!

    1. There are no words to express how thrilled I was to share such a special occasion with you! thank you so much for the beautiful words and for your unfailing belief in me ... and I never hid the fact that I totally failed Biology (and maths) 😉

  2. Wow, wow, wow, my beautiful friend! When you came down that aisle before your sister, I had to fight back my tears. Not only because of how beautiful you looked but because you radiated who you truly are: the most beautiful person I know.

    Lots and lots and lots of love.

    And to your guy (or guys) 😉 out there somewhere... what are you waiting for? When you catch Jo's heart you will wonder how you lived without her!

    My recent post Ironically it’s the good advice you just can’t take

    1. Right ... so I burst out cry, went to lie on the bed and came back to read this incredible comment again ... only to carry on the tears. I don't know what to say but thank you so much for all the love and belief in me. Wow, if I could find a man half as special as you or who treats me a fraction of the way you do, I will be the luckiest girl in town!
      I love you more than words ... really I do!

  3. My first ever Jewish/English wedding - and what a treat! I had so much fun with very special friends and it was a honour to supply the wedding car. Everybody seemed so calm which paved the way for a beautiful wedding. The ceremony was so emotional and it was such a lovely touch to honour your Father. I had to wipe away a tear or two and when you did your toast to the couple I doubt if there was a dry eye in the house. You have a way with words and through the laughter and the tears we were able to celebrate true love. Thank you for the invitation my dearest friend - I am honored to have you as my friend.
    My recent post 34- the missing link- life and laughter

    1. Oh my Twinkletoes ... thank you so much for all that you did for me to make the wedding special. The couple's room was so pretty and you got my sis to the wedding on time.
      I am so glad that we got to share such a special occasion together and can't wait for many more celebrations in this eternal friendship of ours!
      I love you more than wedding cup cakes with glitter icing!

    1. Thank you so much ... I know we haven't been following each other's blogs for too long, but I had a very 'big' weight issue and losing it has been quite a journey. Your comment means more to me that you will ever know!

  4. How wonderful!

    You look gorgeous! Love the hair but more importantly, you look full of joy and love and confidence.

    I wish your lovely sister and her new husband many blessings and a lifetime of happiness!

    My recent post My Knuckles Are White…

    1. Thank you so much my Country Friend!!
      It took me a while to find the joy and confidence. When I was getting dressed for the wedding my Aunty from Israel was reminding me of my glasses, pimple and braces ... how kind of her, lol!!!

      They are a gorgeous couple and it gives me hope for love ...

  5. Looks like a good time was had by all. Loving the new hair colour... 🙂 (but admittedly I am biased) 😀

    You're next? :p
    My recent post 1979

  6. Me? Next??? Well then I need to do a little campaigning ... hehehehe!!
    If that day ever comes you are there whether I have to drag you by that long ponytail ... hey, you might even have to wear a suit 😉

  7. You are a very beautiful woman and your love for life shines through. I doubt your single days will be much longer if these photographs do their rounds.

    Wish your sister and her husband all the best from a fellow blogger.

    1. Thank you for your beautiful comment my blogging friend. I feel more confident that he is out there and that's not a bad thing on another single Valentines day.

      I will pass on the good wishes 😉

  8. Jodene you look so pretty. I feel as though I know you from all the time blogging and I got a tear in my eye when I saw these pictures.

    You are a good sister and friend and I wish I were closer to get to know you more.

    I agree with everyone that your special man is out there waiting to become your prince.

    1. Thank you for the beautiful message Jessie!!! I feel as though I do know you and I'm so grateful for all of your love and support.

      There are two Princes out there ... one for you and one for me!

  9. What a great time to find your blog. It sounds as though you have a very interesting life story and from the comments I think you have come a long way. I think you look lovely.

    1. It's great to meet you. Thank you very much!!!
      Yes, it has been a long journey and it's always a great reminder that it's all been very worthwhile.

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