I come with a price - project me day 392

27 January 2011

For a girl who was going to blog first thing this morning and head off to gym before breakfast all because I have this new found esteem, here I am at 2:30pm having only settled in at work.

That's what I love about how powerful we are. Just as I woke up and decided that every moment was money and that I needed a to do list to get organise ... well there went organisation out of the window.

By the time I finally got to gym it was 11:30am and that's not to say that I wasn't at the computer and trying to blog the whole time.

I woke up to a nephew how had a nightmare and then decided he's act like a rag doll because he didn't want to go to school anymore. "I'm tired of school," he said, who which my response was that he had better get over it because he has another 12 or so years to go ... yep, he's in play school.

The water's been cut so I couldn't shower or pee. I bought the wrong contact?lens?solution and couldn't go to gym with my nerdy glasses on. The shops only open at 9. Greggie and I chatted on the phone till something to 10. I got asked to help with a skype call that took me to 11 and then ... this is the kicker ... Greggie and My Knight decided that we should all gather at Greggie to do some work and spend time?together. Well that meant bathing when the water finally came on, gettind dressed, packing up all my stuff and making my way to my new work station for the rest of the day.

Ironically I titled this blog at about 7am and it was after I had major realisations, over the last few days, that I give way to much of my time where I should be charging for the very things I do. You have no idea how much this is a huge 'project me' step for me.

I'm super proud of myself that I sent out my first quote yesterday and that I was asked to help some dear people with their website and said I could only help up to a point. I'm finally learning that my value and my worth has a currency to it, yet it does come at a time when people I care about are asking me for help. Tough one! Maybe that's ?why Miss Universe found every reason to stall me today ...

3 comments on “I come with a price - project me day 392”

  1. Haha!!! Love this.... Sound like me in so many ways... And yip, I've got a good few to step before I can start consciously handing out a price / quote!


    1. It's an interesting journey and it definitely works where self esteem kicks in first my friend!!
      We are both worth a fortune 😉

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