I could get used to this - project me day 542

27 June 2011

So I'm?completely?public and have no issues with the world knowing much of my business. Of course Mr Unexpected is the complete opposite. We meet in the middle by him respecting what I do and me not saying too much. I think that's fair enough.

It has made blogging a little trying today and now it's hovering around the end of the day and I'm forced to do it. It's not that I don't have a whole lot of magical things to say, but it's how to say them to prove to Mr Unexpected that I totally respect him.

It was most obvious around Facebook change of relationship status time. I'm so happy to be in this new space of having my +1 and I've been on about being single in this blog for long enough, so of course I want to update my status. Mr Unexpected doesn't even have that depth of info about himself but seemed to get my need to announce it.

I caught him reading my blog and my heart did skip a beat, but he didn't throw his toothbrush into his bag and leave, so that's the start of a few good steps.

All this talk and it's obviously official.

So this is the 'project me' part! We are both so scared for our own reasons. We always carry a bit of baggage from one relationship into the next and I think both of our concerns are around how different we are ... because we are. On the other hand, we have some of the best things in common. I can't believe I've found a man who loves country music as much as I do! Yay! Totally yay!

We talk, we giggle, we snuggle, we make each other tea and he let me blog while I let him watch his cheesy youtube clips. He's chilled out in my home and sometimes I think him and my mom get on better than him and I. I loved his fat chat with my brother in the kitchen and made him lunch to take to work ... all the little things that I've waited so long for.

I know every0ne is dying to meet him or know a little more about him, but this is going to be serious baby steps. I'm so proud to have totally fallen for a friend that has been right under my nose for years.

Oh my greatness ... I feel like this post is totally scatty! It is, isn't it? ?Lol ... I guess that's because it's really impossible to explain these things, but trust me, I'm loving every moment of it and I could so get used to this!

4 comments on “I could get used to this - project me day 542”

  1. You know, Bo and I met when we were 5, dated when we were 17 got married at 18. He's literally been my best friend most of my life! After eleven years of marriage, I totally recommend becomming friends with someone first because you learn how to communicate before all the mushy stuff gets involved and clouds your mind.

    MWUAH to you both 😉
    My recent post What's all that white stuff??

    1. Thank you so much Amy! You always amaze me with your dedication to your family and your honesty to blog about it! Thanks for sharing the journey

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