I got my Google +1 - Project me day 518

2 June 2011

The oddest things completely excite me. I'm a sucker for anything new and nothing gets past me in a shop if it's new. I can spot it from a mile away and I'm usually totally?intrigued?to try it. Usually, the only reason why I don't is because it's far too expensive just for a momentary new thrill of a products. Other times it's stuff that I know I won't like, but I do still oogle at the newness of it.

I have those moments with lots of things and with my passion for writing and blogging there is a lot of oogling that goes on. Some things are on the dream list ... like Kindles and iPads. Other things are freely at my fingertips and I get to explore the newness of it with absolute glee.
I did that with each phase of my blog and the social networking world, but then there are times that new things are released and the excitement is that extra bit?heightened. I have to admit that?disappointed does have a line of familiarity with a good number of these moments. Even worse ... a lot of times it has to do with Google.

I remember getting my invitation for Google Wave like it was a more exciting gift than most birthday presents. I remember selecting my invitations as if they were gold and I remember the day it all went live and I got to play around in the wave with Greggie and My Knight. Where did wave go? I really loved it and if it is still out there, no one around me caught on and it's pointless really using just for me.

Then there was Google Buzz, which I had the same thrill about and now I religiously post my blog entry to the buzz, but I don't know if it has any impact at all.

The list goes on, yet I am still thrilled about the email I got yesterday telling me that it was time to load my Google +1 button onto my blog.

With all I know about the online space, blogging and social media, I do totally fail at the coding and technical stuff. I have managed to bat my eyelashes enough to have my host company, Afrihost, set up my blog for me and anyone I support in the process. They totally get a +1 for putting up with me.
Of course, I stared at the instructions for ages before I finally Tweeted and asked for help. I have learned something very important about people through the Twitter platform and that is there are still people in the world who are willing to give of their time,?expertise?and knowledge. I have been saying for a long time how Twitter has restored my faith in mankind and today is one of those perfect examples.

Me install a Google +1 button? Who are we kidding! But Etienne Beneke of Xcellent Media could and he jumped to my rescue! Everyone always asks me why I have so many people that I follow on Twitter and the reason is because I believe in throwing the net wide, interacting with a whole lot of people and then I watch the exceptional ones float to the surface. I have been chatting to Etienne and many other incredible people for ages and moments like this give me comfort in the way I interact online.

With that floating around my brain I can't help but be even more excited about the Google +1 button. We are trying to achieve the same thing. Both Google and I have so many followers and followings and we want the interaction to be with the best. I wish I could +1 some of my followers (but then that's what moments like Follow Friday are for!) Believe it or not, I do follow every person back and then wait for the interaction to see if they float to the surface as regular peeps that I keep in touch with.

I'm thrilled that Google +1 has the same idea and I'm just as excited that I get to indulge in watching how social media is taking on the big boys ... yay for fighting back Google!!

That's my project me reminder for the day ... try, try, fail and try again! Come up with ideas and watch them sink of swim, but never stop hitting the world with what being thrown at you! That's worth a +1 for the day!

Don't forget hit that +1 button just under this post 😉

4 comments on “I got my Google +1 - Project me day 518”

    1. Did you load the +1 to your blog yet? I'm not sure what the impact of it will be yet, but it is pretty cool to have it on my blog!

  1. Well, see, on my "project me", I just learned something new. I had not yet heard of +1 but now I am intrigued. Learn something new every day, right?

    My recent post Why the Long Face

    1. You know, talking about your blog ... it's time to tell your project me story here! What do you say? You know how it works ... right?

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