I have a question for you - project me day 197

17 July 2010

Last night a friend and fellow blogger posed a question to me. He asked if would consider taking all the entries of 'project me' and turning it a published?memoir in the end. I said ... 'Hmmmm'.

So ... Should I turn 'project me into a book at the end of it?

I've always dreamed of writing a book and turning it into a screenplay. That's my wish for Ephineah ... but I've had a fun day of fantasy and imagining my crazy life story being turned into a movie.

So .... Who would play me???
I've giggled at the thought because most of my choice of acresses would be pretty off the wall, but I don't want to say too much.

Greggie would have to be played by some tall, handsome and charming actor that?exudes a presence. He doesn't have to be a flaming queen though ... sometimes he's just not gay enough for me 😉

So ... give me an answer already?

29 comments on “I have a question for you - project me day 197”

  1. Sounds like a good plan!
    Bette Midler for Jo and for Greg I recon Tom Hanks! Just have to get him Blonde and slim!

    1. Bette Midler when she was younger! It's the personality not the age! Just saying!

    2. Ah ... I think Greggie and I will both up to weigh up the odds and see the compliments in that. She is loopy though so I am guessing that is your angle ... lol!!!
      Thank you so much for responding hun ... it means the world to me

  2. No second thoughts Jo, just go for it. Project me has inspired many people infact I am one among them. If it turns out to be a book or a movie many people will be inspired and dont even think of anybody else to play your role. Who else can substitute my gorgeous Jo ???

    1. Ah Anto, that is so sweet that I don't even know what to say my friend.
      Thank you so much and for always supporting me! You are far too sweet 😉

    1. Yay ... this is my Fence Guy, world ... look, he's real!
      By the way ... this is the nerdy actress from Criminal minds ... I'm thinking she does have that motheringly, loving energy but is also a bit nerdy and of course ... super smart! But that's just me taking the good stuff ... hehehehe

    1. Wow ... that's like a super compliment! Let's just hope she does the dramatics in my life as well as I do ... tee hee
      She's a bomb ... thanks hun ... u rock!
      Oh ... and thanks for being the one who asked the question in the first place ... as you can see, it had impact

      1. Haha...more like hitting the submit button too many times. 41 years of being blonde takes its toll hey 🙂

    1. Well you're worth a movie too my friend! Ah ... Charlize is one unbelievable lady so I'm beyond humbled. It's funny ... I thought everyone would choose totally quirky actresses and I'm being shown how people really see me ... but that's for the next blog!

  3. Of course you should turn your life into a book and a movie. I think everyone should know that you CAN be conscious and true to yourself every day. Honestly, I don't know how you do it and I would use is as a reminder every single day.

    Who to play such an inspiration woman? I'm sure actresses would be flocking, but I like the idea of Charlize!

    Who would you want to play you?

    1. Wow Jessie, thank you so much for such an amazing comment. I am so grateful for your follow and that you think I am that inspirational.
      I know that you can do and be anything ... you show such enthusiasm for life so you just have to remind yourself that you can do anything hun!
      Thank you again for your love and support.

  4. I'd have to go with loopy on this one, so Charlieze just won't cut it I'm afraid.

    I'd have to pick Shirley Mclean (you'll need to roll back the years). 😀

    Of course if you could roll back the years... I'd go with a pairing of James Stewart and Donna Reed. Hey I'm a sucker for those old ham acted movies 😉

    1. Now why am I not surprised that you would pick my most special actress ... I adore Shirley. When I wrote Ephineah I based the one character in the hope that if the perfect person could play the role it would be Shirley Mclean. So you seeing me with her quirky yet wise and passionate gusto ... I thank you my friend!
      I also love the oldies ... Greggie would have chosen someone more living maybe. LOL

  5. Oh ok, I get it now....should post it here, lol!
    I say Kathy Bates....brilliant actress, can play a crazy, off the wall, loopy, nutty person sooo well. She's maybe a little old but with the right camera angles....
    How about Melanie Griffith??
    I also like the Bette Midler idea though...hmmmm.
    As for Greggie well....who in Tinseltown could be that gorgeous....has to be either Ryan Reynolds or one of my favourite actors...Edward Norton 🙂

    1. Wow Kimbo you might need to be in charge of casting ... lol! Good choices although I find Melanie a little dopey! Oh unless that was your point ... tee hee!

      Um ... I adore my greggie, but maybe we should keep Ryan Reynolds to play one of my ... um ... 'men' ... I'm not passing up the opportunity of kissing him and there ain't no way Greggie is kissing girls! He gets chest infections ... lol!

      Kimbo ... thank you so much for commenting, it means so much to me!

    1. Ooh ... ok, now I'm blushing! Wow, Greg that is beyond a compliment hunny! Um ... I can see her doing a fabulous job especially if she's that off the wall character who falls in love with younger boys but always clings to romance in Jane Austen book club.

      Yay that you commented on my blog hun! So excited to see you hear and thank you so much!

      I miss you ... but you know that 😉

  6. Will grace!!! She is as u are beautiful cute dramatic and her own person. Will is Greg cause man he brings you back to earth!!! I think that would be perfect!!!!

    1. Now if I had to pick someone to play me it would so be Debra Messing! I just adore her and think she has the right amount of ... oh wait ... you're actually talking about Grace playing me aren't you? lol

      Well ... we always say that those two are far too co-dependent, so if the writers can just tweak that a little then I agree that you might just be spot on 😉

  7. Hmmmmmm, of course I could think of no one better to play me than my very own self! Thanks for all the great suggestions though. I wouldn't mind "training" Ryan Reynolds to get into my character, so to speak. 🙂

    1. No training Ryan for anything except being one of my many boys 😉 ... Hmmm ... then I think I should be doing the screen testing and training 😉
      There is no one greater to play you than you my friend 😉

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