I have an A thanks to Biz4All - project me day 543

28 June 2011

Thanks to Claudio Bufacchi of Biz 4 All for coming to my rescue

Gym at 6! It was the toughest session yet (and I know it's only the 5th one) but my body is in a little chaos from adjusting to the new eating and exercising. Okay, it might also be a little topsy turvy for other reasons too.

The only distraction while my dearest Patrick was telling me to push harder and fight on. I was dreaming of my laptop.

Home to a leaking toilet and a shower that still floods the bathroom (gotto love landlords), but still the whole time I couldn't wait for my laptop.

Claudio Bufacchi from Biz 4 All has been fantastic in the journey of finding out exactly what I need and making it all happen. I mean, what is a blogger without an A?

Now you know how techno ditsy I am and that if anything is going to go wrong it will? Then you won't be surprised that this afternoon I already managed to take the system down and get a very scary blue screen that said ... "call your technician!"

Well Claudio was warned way in advance that things break when I'm near them, so I don't think he's one bit surprised. It is amazing to have someone so supportive by my side.
I'm so excited to finally be able to go to meetings and not take a notepad (the paper kind) because I'm?embarrassed about the laptop I'm lugging around. So my software is there and I'm officially in awe of the power of social networking! Claudio is proof that brands do see the power of bloggers and support us. You believing in me means the world to me, Claudio.

The day only got better and a little scarier, with the confirmation that my hairdresser, who I love and adore, will also be jumping on board for the 'project body' sponsorship.
Before I even got the "yes" about the hair sponsorship, the phone rang and Samantha Robinson from Sabio Communications, who has been unbelievable and taken over all the PR and media for the Mashable Social Media Day on Thursday, told me I would be live on air in 15 minutes. So sitting on the floor in the hairdresser, I did my first radio interview of my life on SAfm. It's impossible to explain what happens to your brain and body when you know you are live on air. I kept reminding myself that I blog every day and hundreds of people read it, but I can't say that helped much. I was literally vibrating with nerves. In all the chaos, I forgot to mention that the SMDay, which is being hosted by Crowne Plaza Johannesburg is a collaboration between Derek Martin and myself. She jumped right in with who I was and fired off questions about 'project me' and then social media. Of course, I feel terrible, but there are 'project me' lessons in that too. I need to be proud of me for the first public step on such a large scale and I need to understand that we all do the best we can in the moment.

It took a while to settle myself down and not totally destroy the moment, but with a healthy chat from my best friend and the sweetest sms from my boyfriend (giggles), I am so proud of myself.

Once again, this is a new chapter for 'project me' and although my body is sore, my financial fears still loom and my instinct is to be hard on myself, I must remember this! Countless people believed in me today and they let me represent their brand and their reputation ... and that is more than any amount of money in the world!

2 comments on “I have an A thanks to Biz4All - project me day 543”

  1. Well done jo for your radio interview today, i caught most of it and so very proud of you, looking forward to being at the event on Thursday night 🙂

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