I have the cutest inner child - project me day 561

19 July 2011

Let's refresh shall we? Living 'project me' is taking life and embracing every moment with courage, consciousness and a sense of humour ... right? Well, I'm only discovering now that all those things can be masked by a whole heap of things that make it seems as though it's far too easy. I've had many of those days where it's all painted over with a rosy brush, but for an array or reasons, it's not so easy to fake it anymore.

It's all the fault of 'project body'! No, it's the fault of Mr Unexpected! Um no ... it's Juliette and her Body Mind Healing treatments. What? Me? Never!!!!
Such a pity the only thing I'm sure of that we all create our own reality and we are exactly where we are because of each choice we have ever made. Mostly, we get to choose how we are going to handle things that everyone else does in their lives without much disregard for anyone but themselves. Oh wait ... that's also right. We should always put ourselves first and it's certainly not with any disregard, but the voices in my head still need to get that.

It's been bubbling under for a while now and now it's bubbling over. I'm trying very hard not to be too mean to myself while I blog tonight but I do have to confess that I'm seeing a part of me that's not much fun at all.
Yesterday was my mani and pedi day with Khanyi and there's nothing more delicious than sitting snug on my own couch in my own living room with my kitties trying to drink the gross pedi water and a pampering Karisa Spa treatment ... yet I Tweet, watch the time and remember the one email I forgot to send (that is so not urgent) and poof, there goes the fun.

Everyone around me is going to hit me over the head with a pan or something heavier if I don't start lightening up and appreciating the fact that I have a man with sarcasm as a sense of humour. I spend half my time?reprimanding?him for being?inappropriate?and getting even more pissed off with everyone else who is laughing at him or with him. Funny that ... most of the time I'm the only one not laughing.

I had an?invigorating?meeting at the Helen Suzman Foundation today and despite the fact that I cut myself on my car (a whole other story) and was slowly bleeding out at the meeting, it reaffirmed that my offering in the social media world is what thrills and?invigorates?me. It was an honour to be brainstorming with a team that is keeping the work of such an incredible woman alive, but don't think that straight after talking to a team of young South Africans with a vision that thrills me and a passion for uplifts me, that I didn't totally destroy the moment by stripping the fun and allowing my business mind to sabotage.

The list would go on and on if I didn't have my second session with Juliette today and she didn't take me on the most amazing guided journey that introduced me to someone I had long forgotten. With all my years of meditation and journey work, I've learned to truly believe everything that my mind (or not mind) sees (or thinks it sees). Jules was brilliant as keeping me settled and in the moment during a journey that really awoke a lot of old memories. Admittedly, my mind really doesn't shut up and Jules kept telling me that she was gagging the jabbering part of me head ... it worked and slowly I let the other voices in.

One in particular. A very sweet, giggly and innocent voice. The voice of a little girl all dressed in pink, with pig tails in her hair. Everything happens for a reason and this visualisation couldn't be better timed because I'm starting to feel how serious I can be most of the time. It's not me, I know it's not me! I know I can be totally chilled out, fun and giggle at the oddest things but I slowly lost it when I thought that ... um ... I don't know what I thought.
What am I without tears? But I do know that those tears are always laced with truth and relief and I'm truly relieved to know that my inner child isn't so deeply hidden that she can't ever by reached.

She was so cute ... I was so cute ... she is so cute ... I am so cute!

My very special man is nearly home and I want to have dinner cooked ... he's going to say something silly and I'm hoping my little inner child giggles first and gets me going, because I'm sure he's as overwhelmed as I am that love can happen so fast!

How's your inner child?


5 comments on “I have the cutest inner child - project me day 561”

  1. There is a time and place for everything and we very often get all caught up in the seriousness of llife and forget to just let go, laugh and have fun. There is truth in the saying laughter is the best medicine. I may be having the crappiest day and something someone has said or done makes me laugh and then I remember that not everything in life is that bad and that we must take everything with a pinch of salt.

    P.S I think your boyfriend is funny ha ha too 😛

  2. Inner child... I'm still dealing with the outer one. 🙂

    Made a point of pointing out to someone the other day that we can learn far more from little people than they ever will from us. Funny how that works, "the more we learn, the less we know." While that is supposed to mean that the more we learn... the more we understand, the more we realise there is so much more to learn, the truth is we simply forget far too much.

    I hope that someday when I'm 80 I'll look upon the world as I did when I was 8, with the same wonderment, amazement and expectation.

    Kids... 🙂 gotta love 'em.
    My recent post I Want to Break Free

    1. Lol ... that is very refreshing hun!!
      It always reminds me of the sunscreen song whenever we have chats like this ...

      1. True that... "be kind to your knees because you'll miss them when they're gone"


        "Be kind to your lightsaber be, for when it is gone, miss it you will"

        🙂 but trust me on the sunscreen.
        My recent post We Are The League

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