I heart our bedroom - project me day 811

22 March 2012

When I know what I want I set my sights on it and off I go to get it. I've learned that sometimes dreams have to be shelved for the perfect time and then when it's right, it all falls into place.
I stayed in a holiday home by the coast for a few days and above the bed there were a row of hearts on different coloured ribbon. I fell in love with it on that day and decided that was how I wanted my bedroom one day. Obstacles stood in my way for ages and when Pat and I finally settled into the house I told him how I wanted our bedroom to look. Of course it never happened because other things are always a priority on both our sides.

Then, after we got engaged, my sister gave us the most gorgeous headboard. It was perfect ... wood with hearts cut out of it. That was it ... I wanted my bedroom. The months of procrastination and other things to do with money crept in. And then it happened. I got a call to ask if I could be interviewed about my perfume collection I had blogged about.

Despite all my bitching and stressing about money, I do have to admit that 'project me' has taught me that I do always have what I need and I am always able to make something happen. My mom has also taught me how to do things on a shoestring budget and I'm thrilled with that gene because I made magic on a ... well, more than I expected Pat to spend.
He's been amazing, of course. Once overcoming the hurdle of him not being able to picture it in his head, once the first heart was hung, my special man made it all happen. There are wooden hearts that needed to be covered in paper, photos of our precious moments that needed to be made into?sepia and printed. Everything needed to be drilled and hammered and he even tied a few ribbons.

The cherry on top was his coming home today with gorgeous heart tie-backs ... the perfect touch to a hearty room.


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