I hope birdie poop is good luck - project me day 525

9 June 2011

My back is officially hating this holiday although the rest of me couldn't be happier. I'm doing my best not to put a damper of the fact that I won't be returning home with a completely edited novel, Ephineah, but I will be smiling from ear to ear with all the contacts we have made.

Obviously my office chair at home truly is the best place for me to be and I knew before I even came down here that couches were my enemy, so I haven't been able to write in the gorgeous flat we are staying in. Now my time out is used to blog and I'm still trying my best to get a little writing in a day, but restaurant chairs are just as uncomfortable. Obviously 'project me' mode kicks in here and I count my blessing for this incredible opportunity and get over myself in Joburg and put aside time every week to finish the novel.

So ... not having much luck writing isn't the end of the world right? Well, let's talk about where we are having awesome luck. Is there such a thing as luck? I'm not a great believer in that considering I my belief is that every situation that we are presented with comes from a situation we created. So luck ... maybe not!

The question arose after sitting at the Radison Blu in one of the most exciting meets I have had in a long time and then the meeting came to an abrupt holt when ... well ... Greggie got pooped on. I really need to sort out this camera sponsorship because moments like that truly are priceless and I would have given anything to snap a pic of the look of horror on his face as he tried to wipe away very green birdie poop.
Greggie is under the impression that luck might strike with boys in our lives but I was holding out more for a shit load (excuse the pun) of cash. Maybe we'll both find loaded boyfriends and then my perception of luck might totally change.

Whatever it is, yesterday had something spectacular in the air that it really did feel lucky.

First there Bettina, the founder of GloWoman who has walked into our lives and it feels as though Greggie and I have known her forever. We also had the lucky moment the day before where a restaurant at Cape Quarter offered us an area of the restaurant to do talks whenever we wanted. Well, isn't that a reason to do some collaboration work with Bets and keep coming back to Cape Town. I am so excited to do work with this incredible woman and feel as though it's the beginning of magical things for all of us.

There is so much to tell you about Lifeology RICH (Readying?individuals to create happiness) which is the enterprise development side of our business. There are incredible plans going on and I truly gush with pride whenever Greg puts on that hat and talks about all his?expertise?and the potential of what we have to offer. At the back of my mind I'm just saying that I want to teach. All I want to do is teach ... I know, I know ... I say that about writing too and it's such a toss up between those two passions.
So when the topic moves to computers in schools and the gap in the education system ... then I truly feel that luck is on my side because that is exactly where the whole combination of all my worlds fall into place. Meetings like that truly are never long enough but I also have to remember that one of my greatest 'project me' lessons is that of patience. That kind of patience is always a little bit harder when there is financial pressure and I'm trying hard not to get into a state of pushing because I'm worried money will run out.

My mom is a big believer in luck and if anything, she always has an example of something falling perfectly into place when it seemed that everything should be hopeless. So either a bird pooped on Greggie for no reason at all, or superstition has a little more clout to it than I give it credit for ...

8 comments on “I hope birdie poop is good luck - project me day 525”

  1. Thanks for the shout out Jodene!! 🙂 So fab connecting with you and Greg!
    Getting pooped by a bird is a FAB sign of things to come 🙂 I was pooped on by a seagull on my morning run the other day - Good Luck on its way!!
    Very excited about the possibilities - let's make them happen and Spread the Glow!! 🙂
    EnJOY the sunshine in Cape Town today,
    Love and Hugs, Bets xx
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    1. I'm beginning to see just how much you and Greg have in common, Bets! Im sticking with you guys seeing that you get pooped on so much and the luck has already come gushing in.
      It has been a joy and an inspirational to connect with you and I look forward to our very exciting ventures together.

  2. "In my experience, there's no such thing as luck" -Obi-Wan Kenobi
    "I make my own luck” -Han Solo

    Then there was always Gary Player who got luckier the more he practiced 😉

    Your back will be happier when it's at a less hostile climate. That cold and damp doesn't do anybody any good.

    As for the rest, it will happen when it meant to, not a moment sooner... or a moment later. Nothing lucky about that. 🙂

    My recent post Venus

  3. Man what I would have done to see Greggie get pooped on! Is that why he has man flu now?

    Good Luck is on it's way for sure

    1. Lol ... it really was that funny. He has, however, told me to clear up that he doesn't have man-flu! It seems it was just a slight head cold that is not nearly as dramatic ... although it was very dramatic, in my opinion!

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