I know this man - project me day 685

17 November 2011

That a grocery store has opened in the neighbourhood might not be big for many, but for me, it's all about memories that have been made and that are being made in the moment.

Pat and I have been counting down the days until the friendly Spar opened up less than 600m away from us. Secretly, I've been having flashbacks to my childhood and have been watching so many of my father's traits that Pat shares. I'm still trying to figure out whether it's because all men are the same, but I'm not letting myself take away from the specialness of me finding a man so much like my dad.

Even when I want to throttle him, I remember wanting to throttle my dad too. The same sense of humour, critical eye, shopping experiences, silly comments ... so much!

My mom spends half her day laughing at the resemblance but the truth is, it's magical to see the similarities and I'm sure it pulls at her heart to both see the man she has lost and the one I have gained.

Today was the cherry on the cake and I'm fighting back tears from the memories it sparked of my childhood and the love I saw my parents share. So we were on our way to dinner, but when we saw the open Spar, our plans changed without us having to say a word. My folks were famous for never missing an opening of a store and my dad was even more famous for filling the trolley with things on special ... that we might not necessarily need.

As South Africans we all know Bull Brand, but I don't know if I ever told you that my dad started herding cattle there and worked his way up to MD of the company. I grew up on tinned vienna sausages, tinned meatballs and?spaghetti?and corned beef.
I haven't had that in nearly 25 years and tonight I felt like I stepped into the time machine and ate something that tasted like childhood.

I miss my dad like crazy right now, but I'm also so overwhelmed by love for Pat, that I can feel myself living duality.

I used to say I never wanted to be with anyone like my dad and I heard people echo that so often. I'm sure there are many people out there who don't want to have men in their lives who represent their dads and I'm sure I wouldn't blame them, but I have blessings to count at the end of each day ... and this is packed or a tin full of?gratitude?for the similarities.

4 comments on “I know this man - project me day 685”

  1. I married a man who routinely reminds me of my father too. I wouldn't have thought that at first, and yet, as time goes by I see bits of my daddy in him and it makes me extremely happy. What a great post!

  2. Similarly my mothers argument as to why ice cream was good for you. It makes you happy because it reminds you of your childhood... being happy is good, so logically ice cream has to be good for you. There will forever be a love of the Macdonalds apple pie for similar reasons.

    It's always nice to see the admirable traits that we found in special people in others that we hold dear. Hopefully it's because these are the things that reflect the best bits of us too? 🙂

    All men are the same... BOOBS!!!! oh... wait... wat eva! 😀

    1. Wahahaha, so refreshing and so very true! Don't tell anyone but the combo of ice cream and McDonalds pie is totally yum ... yum!

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