I know you love me, now comment! - project me day 508

23 May 2011

This is a first for 'project me' and completely out of my comfort zone, but that's what makes it so 'project me' appropriate. On the other hand, it's been a long time coming and the fact that I can't hold back anymore is purely out of all the love and support I am surrounded by. I don't know how many bloggers get the love, encouragement and support that I get and that's what's frustrating the hell out of me.

Shoo ... it was good to get that load off my chest ... the frustrated part ... and no I get to tell you why!

Unless you are in the social media or blogging world you just won't get the power of a comment. You won't get what it means to have the smallest comment on your blog and what it does for the esteem of the blogger, never mind the reputation and thumbs up from the blogging community.
If you think I'm begging for comments, I'm certainly not ... I'm just stretching out the teacher in me and kinda sorta redirecting all the love that I receive on a daily basis.

Greggie says that maybe people don't know how to comment on the blog and I do know that I have to make my blog friendlier from the mobile platform, but I'm going on the theory that YOU don't think your one word or repeated gesture of love counts for much. You are so ... so ... wrong!

In a day I will get a whole lot of thumbs up on my Facebook post. I will get Tweets on how fab my blog was. I get direct mails, BBM's, sms's and even phone calls ... but I don't get the comments. I wish I had it in me to say "Okay, now that that little message and go repeat it on the blog, please!" but somehow I just don't do that enough.

Do you realise that your 'another great post, Jo' or 'I totally agree, Jodene', would make the biggest difference in my life, for two reasons.
1 ... as a blogger, every comment does something to the momentum of writing on a day that I can't believe I was ever dumb enough to get this started. Your comments are my fuel and my reminder that I'm not writing to an audience of three (my mother, my Greggie and me). You can never say 'hi' enough or 'I've been here' too many times. Not because I'm begging you to ... but because you do it on so many other platforms anyway!

2 ... It doesn't matter if I blog for 2000 days, if the world doesn't see my blog as interactive with my readers then I don't have the proof that anyone has been here to read and left their mark. I kid you not, I read some blogs that get 50 comments a day and sometimes all they say is "I agree" or "Good one today" or "you are funny" ... but that blog has 50 comments, I have 2 ... and I've most probably had more beautiful people pass by my day!

'Project me' is about speaking my truth and then doing something about it and I have been carrying this around for me for so long now. It's a tough one to write because it's like the "say you love me" story. Now you say it and now I say: "You are only saying it because I told you to say it!"

However I try phrase it ... I'm a blogger and you're a reader and a blogger desires nothing more that to know they are being heard!

I am so grateful to each of you for every Tweet, like, smiley sms, praise over dinner and comment to my mother on my beautiful way of writing! Don't stop ... it's my inspiration! But do me a favour ... give yourself the gift of making you important enough to know that your little comment inspires me more than I could possibly inspire myself. I live by the philosophy that all we need is one person to believe in us ... and to me, that person is you!

14 comments on “I know you love me, now comment! - project me day 508”

  1. This blog spoke volumes to me - I never knew.
    I love your "truth" - it really comes from deep inside the very depth of you. It has also enlightened me as I have never commented on any of your blogs. I am a little bit more blogger smarter today 🙂
    This one was a "Bomb' written with that courage that makes you a true big person that makes you shine. Twinkle, twinkle little star - do YOU know how loved you are ?
    Your proud Mom xxx

    1. Well I am very impressed that you got it right and thank you for learning another new trick with all your loving support for me. I know that you watch me struggle with having to speak the truth on many occasions and your support is always a guiding light! Thanks for being to most amazing mommy in the world! I love you more than ice cream with home made hot chocolate sauce ... oh, and tea!

    1. Thanks you so much Greggie! And thanks for the amazing RT's that always have a little summary of what the day's blog is all about!
      PS ... happy another awesome day in your birthday week!

  2. I love reading your blogs - just not so good at the commenting aspect.

    Wish I could write like you - can you imagine if I had to write a daily blog - would have to be clasified under fantasy or science fiction!

    Proud of u.

    Love me

    1. Thanks Cands ... I know that in the pauses between silence, you are supporting me! Just this little comment means so much.
      I personally think that if you had to do a blog ... you might have to make it anonymous (just saying) ... lol!

  3. Comments on my blog would be great too - especially when looking back at old posts. But for me, it's always been the stats. I can sit with my stats page open all day and frequently refresh to watch the counter ticking over.

    1. I went through a time when I was obsessed with stats!!! I used to check them all day! I totally get what you mean and each visit and comment means so much. You do know that you can leave your blog link after your comment ... its says commentluv ... then my readers will find you too! Catch up soon hun!

  4. Another great post, Jo. I totally agree Jodene!

    How'd I do?

    Seriously, I understand. The conversation that can be had from comments makes posting the blog all worth it. I don't think many people get it. It isn't just about us spouting off, it's about conversation.
    My recent post What Is Marketing Why Do You Hate It

    1. LOL ... you did super well!!

      I am thinking of doing a blog about the power of commenting because I know that I drop by every so often and just do a quick Hi on the blog. It's totally acceptable to do so on Facebook and Twitter, but why not here?
      I am all for conversations getting started on blogs, but I find they die very early on! Sigh ... the communication issues of the cyber world!

    1. oh, the voice of reason!! I couldn't ask for better quality ... I'm the luckiest blogger out there! 😉

    1. Thank you so much my friend! I miss you so much but I hope you know I am thinking about you all the time and sending love. Please let me know how dad is and all the great adventures with the business! Love you more than Venice at night!

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