I lost a day - project me day 193

13 July 2010

I failed maths.
That always rings in my head when I am left to do anything that has to do with numbers. I never mastered my times tables and still use my fingers to do some adding. ?I can tell more horror stories about not loving adding the tip on a bill, but that's not the point. The point is that I've worried about this very minor detail since I started 'project me'.

I always worried that I'd miscount. I also worried that somewhere along the line I would miss a day ... I've?officially?done both. I mean really ... I'm not fake blonde for nothing 😉

While driving to work today I decided to stress myself out about the possibility that I might have maybe missed a day. It has nothing to do with not knowing I've blogged daily and everything to do with me counting wrong. I roped Greggie in to googling what day it is and what do you know ... I have lost 2 days.
I actually love this about my personality and this is the marvelous impact that 'project me'. This seriously would have stressed me out before. I would have felt like a major failure and battered myself about a bit. I certainly would have stopped everything and needed to rectify the gaps in days. Oh ... the gaps: Well I wrote about day 132 a while back and then on day 133 I managed to convince myself and all of you that it was groundhog day and I wrote for day 132 AGAIN. Yep, those are my counting skills and ones that I don't hide from anyone. ?I'm brilliant at many things that I do, but my counting sucks.

The other day ... well I've lost that one!
I thought that I had forgotten to blog on Friday night because I was feeling so sick but now I remember that I blogged about the flowers. So I did blog on Friday.

So where is the one day? Um ... tee hee, I lost it.
No ... 193 days minus 191 is only one day missing Jodene ... only one day sunshine! Don't panic ... Greggie handles the finances of the business 😉

So it's one, two ... miss a few and here we are at day 193.

7 comments on “I lost a day - project me day 193”

  1. But... who's counting? :p

    Could have gone by the wayside when you changed the format from blogging in the evening to the morning?

    Then again... have you deprived your loyal audience of a post? :'(
    My recent post Everytime

    1. Ah you are just so super special 😉
      I really think I just miscounted ... I would totally know if I missed sharing one day of my life with you 😉

  2. If it helps, I am terrible at math too, LOL.

    Plus I've been a day behind all week and its only Wednesday...you're not alone my friend. 😉
    My recent post I exposed myself

    1. The more I'm talking to people the better I'm feeling about this whole counting thing. There have been confession coming from all directions that people actually do use their fingers to count and their cellphone to add. Tee hee

    1. Bwahahahaha ... you're too nerdy to have lost 2001 Irish 😉
      I'm hoping I hear stories about where you think it went to?

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