I lost a week, but who's counting? - project me day 585

8 August 2011
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Does it really matter?

It didn't until day 500 and everyone started counting with me.

Does anyone notice?

I know that Greggie does but I don't suppose the rest of the world is counting along with me.

Of course I'm seriously counting to see what happens when day 1000 comes along and I guess by that time there will be a lot more acknowledgement of the blog that I might be able to imagine right now ... so I decided to do a count.

Yep ... 7 days behind! I do know what I did though, so I haven't exactly lost them ... just sorta! For each project body Sunday (which counts per week), my money should have skipped a day ... duh!!!

So catch up is done and I'm back on track ...

"How have you been?" you ask.

Well, um ... pretty dazed and confused actually!

He's sitting next to me and there are so secrets, so I can say it ... damn, relationships take work! It's not a question of love, coz that I got. It's all the stuff in between ... the stuff boys hate like talking about our feelings and adjusting to our set ways as they merge with another person's life. I will keep saying it ... without communication a relationship is doomed. Okay, I'm admitting that this Libran might be a little to eager on communicating everything, but I am doing my 'project me' best to not over analyse or over communicate. Um ... I did say trying.

Work is big bag of mixed emotions with exciting highs and great lows. I'm about to announce the Tuesday business breakfasts with my first one hurdling towards me next week and I'm in a state that no one will want to pay to hear me talk. Maybe I'm only?captivating?when I'm free? ... No, you don't have to answer that. It's just the ramblings of the insecure mind.

Lifeology had two big cancellations for exciting events over the weekend. Both of them were organised by the other people (great people) and Greggie and I were riding with both of them ... but then the other people (for their own reasons) put both events on hold. That's foreign to me and I'm beginning to realise that it might be something quite fundamental in my success ... I don't put much off. I might shift it out a touch when I realise the extent of what I'm planning ... but I do it! I run with it. If I didn't I wouldn't close to where I am today! I'm still sad ... I think the events could have been great and they aren't my events to take over and make happen!

Okay ... must dash ... boyfriend is home! Nuff said ;p

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