I must be crazy - project me day 606

30 August 2011
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My back is so sore from a combination of sitting and the maddest day I have had in ... um ... it feels like my entire life.

Basically ... I thought we had sound equipment organised for tomorrow night's very big #FollowSA launch and we DON"T!!!

I've spent the whole day phoning, tweeting, emailing, tweeting ... anything to make it happen because it's me and I make it happen.

I have to make it happen and right now it ain't ... holy crap!

I've been told to give up, give in, make other plans, pass the buck ... you name it! But none of that is 'project me' and none of that is the spirit of 'FollowSA'.

I'm scared

I'm tired

I'm sore

I'm not giving up ...

I'm keeping you posted ...

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