I needed that - project me day 709

11 December 2011
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Everyone around me is saying good bye for the holidays and there is still uncertainty as to whether we are going away or not. Either way, I have decided that I'm going to be kind to myself and start taking moments for me ... starting today!

I've called it ... I needed that moments! It comes from my time with Vanessa A'wakan when she said that I need to give myself a gift every week. The easy thing is to go out and buy yourself something and the tougher one is to do acts of kindness to yourself ... those I needed that moments.

And today I made a conscious decision to fill my day with it ...

Starting with sleeping late, filled with snuggle and cuddle time. I always wake up at around 6am, even on weekends and there's a little part of me that just knew 10am would be the perfect way to start the day ... because I needed that.

This year has been filled with the combination of not having time to read and not finding anything that grabs enough to be swept away by reading ... and I love reading. On the day that Pat gave me this book as a present, I had been impossible about money and really having an 'oh woe is me' day and this book has so many message that I need right now. I love the way that Pat and I can carry on and do our own thing because I needed every moment of reading most of the day away.

There is something so chilled about feeling your eyes slowly get heaving with each passing word, but know that sentence or chapter has get finished. Napping in the afternoon is exactly what I needed today.

To break the routine of the quietness of the day, my sis arrived with the kids and Pimp, the husky pup who Pat rescued and they have adopted. Although our kitties fill our home with so much love and they are actually lovable enough to curl up with, there is something about a bouncy puppy who attacks everyone's toes and the drops off to sleep a second later. Besides the pee on the lounge floor (thank heavens for tiles) I totally needed a little puppy lovin' today.

We are all hooked on The X Factor in this house and luckily there is?unanimous love for Josh and Melanie, a compassion for Rachel and respect for Chris and Marcus, but tonight had everyone wiping a tear. Between Paulo's book and the realisation that I do have the self love to be kind to myself, I felt the soppy, girlie side of me get swept away by family time. Pat has been a big part in helping me bond a little more with each member of my family ... and boy did I need that.

A lazy Sunday has to involve food and really, is there anything more yummy that juicy chicken buffalo wings? I totally needed that ...

To some people a lazy Sunday is the norm, to others it's a treat or a luxury. To some it's not needed and to others it's long?overdue. To me, it's a priceless gift that money just can't buy ... and I needed that!

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