I never complain, but ... - project me day 381

16 January 2011

The other day while out to lunch with Greggie, I was served a?cappuccino?that was just a tad too cold for my liking. As I raised my hand to call the waiter, I said to Greggie "I don't often complain, but ..." Before I could even finish my sentence my best friend was giggling, chuckling and trying desperately to refrain from howling with laughter. How very rude!

I don't think I'm much of a complainer, but clearly it's because I keep saying "I don't often complain ..." that it's helped me convince my brain that I let the world pass me by complaint free.

If ever I had a spotlight shine in my face considering that even my blog begins with a complaint.

I boiled the kettle because I have my traditional ritual (or anal vice) of blogging with tea. So I begin blogging, choose the pic of the day and wait for the kettle to boil. I never complain, but my brother used the water ... all of it! He didn't boil the kettle, yet he uses it. Guess what for? To throw down the drain as his drain unblocking prevention mechanism. That's worth complaining about ... right?

With tea in hand (an not complaining that for the past month I have been drinking gross tea because my brother doesn't obey the shopping orders) I need to explain my choice of pic for the day. Now I would never complain about having my precious nephews staying over until Tuesday because their mom is very hard working and I do adore the little guys. But seriously, how many times can children watch one Disney movie. I should have counted from about 4 years back when they met Buzz and Woody, but I doubt I'm?exaggerating?when I say I have seen it 500 times. If it's been 4 times between last night and midday, trust me it adds up fast. Every time I watch the scene with when Buzz has a rocket strapped to his back I do have dreams of him really shooting away and taking his friend Woody with him. This coming from the chick who loves fairytales, cartoon and ... well, Disney!

It's my own fault ... you never hear me complaining about living back home with my mom and two of my siblings. I made a very conscious choice for all the right reasons, so I'm not complaining. I'm not complaining but I don't have any space to myself and today I feel like a caged animal. It's not anyone's fault but all I want to do is lie down and sleep the pain in my back and my neck aways.
I could read, right? The other day I might have mentioned that I battled to pick up a pot of tea to pour it because my back is causing aches and pains everywhere ... well today I'm just saying that I'm battling to lift the teapot. So, without grumbling about it to much, I did try read but seriously it was even a bitch to hold the book!

Okay, I know I have done a fair amount of complaining about my back but a herniated/sequestrated disk is worth?complaining?about. Actually, for the amount of pain I have endured and for the month and month ... and MONTHS I have been dealing with this for I don't think I've complained nearly enough.
Today is?particularly?bad and I think I'm going to have to swallow those strong painkillers. I hate taking medication ... I'm sure I mentioned it before, without complaining about it of course.

Is today dragging or is it just me? I know, I know ... it's the weekend and I should be happy that I have a whole day to chill, but?seriously today is dragging. I think it's because my body is sore, there is no place for me to be on my own, toy story is on again, the tea is gross and I have a pain in my neck ... or is that I am a pain in the neck?

Just checking ... if I don't say anything but simply *sigh* is that complaining too? Because then I have a whole lot of explaining to do 😉

2 comments on “I never complain, but ... - project me day 381”

  1. Hmmm... so you're just sayin' ?;-)

    For the record... you can't watch Toy Story too many times. It's that simple. All of the important things you need to learn in life can be picked up in that movie (oh and the second... and third one too).

    After all... isn't the point to go, "To infinity and beyond!!" 😀

    But hey... I'm just sayin'
    My recent post A Long December

    1. I have considered myself scolded ... lol!! There are never too many times to have seen Toy Story! But I will be asking you that in a few years once children have invaded your space and watch it on repeate ... over and over and over and over AGAIN

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