I now know my awkward interview question - project me day 510

25 May 2011

It's one of those days I didn't dream about and that's what makes it all the more incredible.
It was my first interview as a blogger! Okay, casting my mind back, I'm pretty certain that it was my first interview ... period! Well a face to face one with that little dictaphone and a journalist asking me questions that the world wants to know the answers to. Well, my world at least.

One of the questions that Lindsey Kin of Media Update asked me was, how do I decide what to blog about each day?
It's the significant moments. The ones that jump out as a time when I've had to go into 'project me' mode and either tell my truth, face my reality, laugh at the moment or be conscious and grateful.

With that in mind, my day was filled with two of those moments.
The morning was abuzz with 'project body' phone calls and emails. I had to call my friend, The Gossip Guy for a little pep talk on actually telling the world that I'm fabulous because he knows the difference between confidence and arrogance. That done, I finally got brave and damn well called the personal trainer that I contacted just after I was given clearance to get back to gym ... In MARCH! I though I would have to re-introduce myself to him, but instead he picked up the call and said, "Hi Jode, where have you been? Not in my water aerobics class, I see!"
Yes, yes ... I hate gym! Well, actually ... I'm scared of it! It's because I have no idea what moderation is and usually end up breaking my body when unsupervised. After hearing my idea for 'project body', he's keen to sponsor me with a few personal training session in the pool (because my back is safest?exercising?in water) and monitoring my weight loss and body fat, measurements ... blah, blah! I'm even more excited that Niel from Slimlab is joining me in potential sponsor's meeting and has proven to be an unbelievable support along a very scary road.

Now I''m on a mission to get a little more media exposure and Niel was a great help there too ... even though he told me that all he had to do was Google. Hey, if I don't have a PA yet, a little damsel in?distress can be faked once in ?a while.

Driving to the interview was fun, considering I had to break it to Greggie that I double booked Monday morning because my diary is on the Blackberry and I'm scared to sync it with the laptop because things get triple booked ... so when I'm on the phone I don't know what's happening in the dairy and ... well ... do you think I'm kidding about the PA?

I loved the interview questions, but we never escape the voice of the low esteem that has to be mean at the most?crucial?moments. Mine always says the same thing: "You talk too much!" I never give myself a hard time about talking nonsense or making no sense. I'm always mean to me when I think I could have said all of that in half the time. I said it anyway and in true Jodene style, even had a moment to shed a tear.

I love knowing that what I do is unique enough to not be able to pull 10 questions out a hat, but do know that one questions is always going to come up: "What do I do in my spare time?"
I swear ... I could think of nothing else but spending time with my friends and family and cooking ... a lot of cooking! Do I need to get a life? Do I need to tell the low esteem to shut up and go into all the little details of what I do like ... oh wait, I also said listen to country music. Does that count against me? Only a smattering of followers in the US will be thrilled about that answer, but most of SA will roll their eyes. Don't make me take up knitting or sky diving. The other option is that word will spread that my stand answer will be, "I cook!" and all future journalists will know to avoid that one ... damn I hope so!
Of course, the question does make me lonely! Don't get me wrong ... I love living with mom, the 2 kitties and the parrot. I would, however, love to say that my spare time was spent with a special man driving around SA and seeing all the incredible places our Country has to offer. That was my dad's dream and we used to laugh at him. He wanted to buy a caravan and drive the whole of Africa ... it never sounded tempting until after he was gone and we didn't have the luxury of seeing the Africa through his beautiful stories and memories.

Well on that very exciting note and with a huge thank you to the team at Newsclip for finding my 'project me' journey newsworthy ... I'm off to cook for friends! Another defining day with priceless 'project me' blogging moments and a great reason to blog!

4 comments on “I now know my awkward interview question - project me day 510”

  1. Glad it went well.

    And I say embrace the country music. If it was me I'd find a way to work Hello Kitty in there somewhere.Nothing to be ashamed of...One person's passion is another's cringe but the point is YOU love it, stuff the rest of em. Who cares if they think country is bumpkin?!?! If you love, share it 🙂

    1. Ahh ... thanks hun, what a gorgeous reminder to do and be whatever I want. Your support is awesome and every moment of time you give to me is treasured! Thank you for being a friend!

  2. what a fun and honest interview... There is absolutely nothing wrong about cooking - i LOVE to cook, it a way to escape and something that makes people happy!!! Awesome blog... THANK YOU for your insight and time Jo, xxxx 🙂

    1. I had a whole lot of fun too! It was a good reminder that I know myself and that 'project me' is real! I am looking forward to watching an incredible journalistic journey hunny ... you are a natural!
      Maybe one day we can have a combined cook up!

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