I see crutches in my near future - project me day 796

7 March 2012

My kitten does this thing where he hides under the table and only his little tail sticks out. I'm sure he thinks that he's hiding from the world, but we can all see exactly what's going on. At the moment this little guy, with his half attempt at not being found, reminds me of me.

I have only mentioned my sore ankle about once or twice in my blog and it's been sore since last year October. Seriously, in the beginning I was convinced that it was just sprained and because we are always walking around I knew that it would take long to hear.
Then the new year kicked off with an interesting start and travel was on the cards so I held off seeing the doc a little longer. I did, however, promise myself that the morning after I landed back from the #FollowSA Tweetup in Cape Town, that I would be off to see the doc.

I did just that and after x-rays and knowing nothing was broken, he told me to ?rest it and ?try not take too many anti-inflammatories but that ankles do take long to heal.
The reality is that I know myself better than I think I do and I have started to tell Pat that, "I think I think that what I think is what I think!" Yes, it makes perfect sense to me and the thing that I think I think is that there's a torn ligament happening down there in my ankle.

Either way I know it's going to be all about getting off my foot in order to give it time to heal. I'm not one to listen to the general chatter of everyone else's experiences but I do wonder whether this will end in that little common op on the?tendon. It's something that I really want to avoid, but I'm happy to try air casts or boots or whatever they are called and if I have to hobble around on crutches I guess I will do that too ...

Now for me to kick myself into 'project me' mode and put myself first. Forget that I might have to take it easy, considering I've done the bed-ridden thing with my back and know that life, work and the blog carries on. Forget that I might be up on stages or in crowds on crutches. Forget that I might have to move a few things around in order to heal.

So tomorrow I'm getting out of the tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow mode and phoning the?orthopedic surgeon for an appointment.

2 comments on “I see crutches in my near future - project me day 796”

  1. Hey Jodene,

    Sounds like me :-/ though I had the op on my ankle (slightly different to yours) and in all honesty it still hurts and still swells, what helped me was acupuncture I was able to walk pain free after a bit but alas haven't gone in a long time.

    If its a ligament the boot wont help (wore mine on and off for 3 years before the op) (I had a torn ligament and authoscopic abridgment thing) as it holds it in place but your still walking on it.

    In all honesty I wish you luck and know the pain of the ankle that just wont heal, mine looks pregnant and is a boy of course giving me grief and not allowing me to do all the things I want to and wear the amazing shoes...

    Good luck and keep on project me 🙂 give kitty a cuddle
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    1. Hi Claire. I\'m so nervous about having to deal with my ankle that I\'ve even been avoiding your comment. I know that it has to be done before I wake up one morning and can\'t walk. Thank you for taking the time to share you story with me ... I\'m hoping it encourages me to do something quickly.

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