I should have gone with my gut - project me day 817

29 March 2012
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I woke up this morning with a thousand butterflies in my tummy. It was worse than the bleakest day of school and all I wanted to do was hide away from the world. The rain was soothing, but still, I have just come out of a hugely successful #FollowSA event, so why did the day begin with the horrible feeling that I just didn't want to face an hour of it?

After looking at the clock, thinking it was far too early to start my day and curling into Pat's arms, I fell back to sleep, only to be faced with terrible dreams. There I was, back in high school, with a huge exam ahead of me and I didn't have one clue about anything I should have even studied. It was set in a scene where Greggie was downstairs and I needed to get to him for him to help me study, but it was like a maze and I just couldn't get there.

Waking up was dismal and I knew I had to pull myself together for 3 meetings and a whole lot of work in between.

Sometimes I forget that I am sensitive to life, the planets and a maybe do have a slight prediction of the day ahead. If not, then the crappy day was only enhanced by how it all started.

Driving to Greggie, I got the first message that our meeting meeting was canceled. I didn't mind much because there really is a lot to do, especially after the wind down of #FollowSA. Well wasn't that all screwed up because Greggie's internet connection wasn't on top form and we couldn't connect with any international websites. That was basically anything to do with Twitter, Facebook ... um, what else do I really use in my life.

Turning my attention to the neglected to do list, only to discover that nearly everything on it had something to do with going online. I couldn't Tweet, I couldn't blog and I was already feeling like the world had been picking on me since way before the sun rose. To make matters worse, my phone was on the blink too, so I couldn't even Tweet from there.

Then the second call came in that the next meeting needed to be canceled. That was it! It was time for better signal, so we headed to my house while Greggie double checked our last appointment. After not hearing from the person we were meeting and not knowing if he would pitch, we decided to wait it out at me, where there was a better signal.

Um, better signal but I can get into Facebook, but not navigate my way around. I can get into Hootsuite, but it won't let me go to my profile to Tweet ... oi, what's up with this day.

Then Pat goes to gets us muffins and brings back kosher (Parev) ones with no real ingredients or flavour.
I make chai tea instead of a long awaited normal cup.
Our meeting didn't confirm and then called to say he was there.
Pat and my mom went to sort out her car (coz some tosser drove into it) and they took my car and didn't have mom's registration, There I was dashing home to give it to them while they hung out at the police station.

Shall I continue????


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