I stayed in bed all day - project me day 196

16 July 2010

(This one's got adult content guys, you have been warned!)

It's hard to imagine that you can have an extremely eventful day without even getting out of bed.
I took the day off from going into the office for a number of reasons. The last of them was actually the greatest of all because I had no idea today would be so freaking cold. While the rest of South Africa was doubling up on jerseys and wrapping scarves around themselves to keep warm, I literally stayed in bed all day.

Who would have thought it could possibly be so productive to turn a cozy bedroom into a non-stop, fired up (pun) and?energetically?charged workspace. It's the end of the day I feel as though I could start all over again. Okay, so I sound a little manic and the workaholic in me had a sniff of wanting to go overboard. I didn't ... I'm just blogging and then I'm planning on talking to fence guy for ages. He's my cyber friend all the way in the UK and we love jabber jabbering for hours (no, you can't ask me what we talk about 😉 )

The other reasons why I needed today is because I've been craving writing. I've also been craving a little time to myself that seems to rotate around the quiet space that my words love to flow in. I needed to not put on make-up and not wash my hair. I needed to wake up and just start writing the words that were floating through my head without the distractions of getting ready for the day. I need it ... I took it ... and it was awesome.

I wrote such a great blog for manifestation myths about how the lack of money has nothing to do with money issues. I've been waiting for the right time to have the energy to write this one. It's tough to tell the truth about my financial position, but I know that hiding it perpetuates shame and I'm not ashamed of the fact that life is a bit financially tough and scary at the moment. It was a great way of reflecting on 'project me' and reminding myself that everything is exactly as it should be. I'm thrilled that I have not made money a goal and I'm even more thrilled that it confirmed how much fun I'm having.
Yesterday I wrote my monthly newsletter about my experience with Mr Wow and how it's not about the end result but living the experience. ?I've had such a thrilling day watching the hits and the tweets grow on this post. I've had a record 9 retweets. I know that is tiny for so many, but it means so much to me.
From bed I also wrote a much needed post for our Step Aside blog. The incident with the dad who let his daughter run wild on his Facebook really got me thinking that the support Lifeology intends to give to parents and guardians is more needed than we realise. Staying in bed all day means that I can remember to go onto twitter more often and I'm thrilled that I did. From all the tweeting of the post I got two awesome retweets from followers with thousands of followers of their own.

Talking about fun ... it's never easy to not go into work and spend my days with Greggie, but today it seemed so much more productive. I think we sometimes fuel the?procrastination?when we avoid the things that scare us. It's easy to be in the safe space, but taking myself into my own company seems to have done wonders. I feel so fueled and excited about facing some of the things that scare me. It seems that Miss Universe had the same idea, because we seem to have been thrown a few business opportunities that are, to say the least, scary and exciting.
I took some time to rationalise about the things that scare me and most of it is based on cold calling before someone has the chance to see me as the teacher or the writer. It's like I feel that I only make the impact in those very specific roles where I am super confident. If that's true then I'm forgetting all about energy and that I actually do make impact as I walk in a room. It's not something I need to be told, it's something I need to remember about myself.

I feel like I haven't spoken about the children's website in ages. Well, it should have been live about four months ago but we are slowly learning that that's not possible with the creative process. This has been absolutely huge for 'project me'. Letting the process flow and totally forgetting all the goals and deadlines that were in place. To keep it fun when it's not going according to plan has not been the easiest for me. Sometimes Greggie has to pull my uptight and perfectionist reins in and calm me down, but the truth is that I am so excited for the world to see this website that I know it's worth the wait.

On a roll and super productive, I took the opportunity to update all the new content on my website. I'm trying so hard to be miss independent and not rely on My Knight so much. Considering he spent the whole day with me yesterday and prepared everything so that all I had to do was drop in the content and push a few buttons to make it all go live. The point of a Knight is to be there to save the damsel screaming for help, and of course he did.
Don't ask me what I did! I managed to get the content in fine, but when it all went live it also went pear shaped. The irony is that he's not alway online, but I think Miss Universe was pulling a few strings again because his timing was prefect ... well isn't that how it always goes with a Knight?

A day in bed is also a good time to reflect on some of the online dating events, which have been quite a joke of late. Well, that's only because I'm opting to see everything in life as fun. I've even had Greggie in hysterics while plotting ways to get a refund from one damn site that took my money after a whole lot of boys flirted with me, but after I joined none of them replied back .... grrrrr, that was enough lunch money for a good few days.
I was sulking with myself yesterday (Yes, I know I didn't mention it in the blog ... still learning to vent as it happens) and I was still a little annoyed at myself this morning, because I didn't listen to my?instincts?with a guy that I started chatting to the night before. His opening line was that he was reading his medical textbooks ... does it sound like I need to be coaxed into the web of such ego? But I did it anyway and to make it worse I totally fell for his smoke and mirrors charm. ?We chatted into some crazy hour of the morning and in the morning his tune had totally changed.
Me thinks that after I tell men that I'm not looking for a quick shag, they try their luck at whooing me into believing that they are also in it for the long haul. But when I turn down receiving penis pictures and I am not prepared to flash my bits or have cyber sex with them, they tire of me and move on. That part I don't mind. It's that I don't listen to my instincts with these damn men that pisses me off.
Once again, Greggie keeps on reminding me that this is fun. Dating is fun, fun, fun!
There's no one worth mentioning right now ... a few 'Hi's' here and there but from both sides no one is floating anyone's boat.
I tried to pitch the idea of speed dating to My Knight seeing as though he's also in need of a little lovin'. In the beginning he wasn't biting at all, but in the end I was allowed to do a little researching into cost ... so that might be fun.

Reflecting back, spending a day in bed would have signaled an eating fest for me. It's the time my ego would have thought it was a picnic in bed and the amount I would have consumed would have been obscene.
One of the greatest moments of 'project me' will be my meditation where I received the question: "What is my soul craving?' I can actually feel myself responding to the question. I know it's why all I've wanted to do today is nibble on healthy things throughout the whole day. Fuel my body and my brain and not indulge.
I'm a bit of a baby when it comes to the cold, so I've had my flask of green tea by my side and I've only pour enough for one sip at a time ... lovin' it.

As a matter of fact ... I'm lovin' everything!

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