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12 June 2013
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I've had a very interesting couple of weeks. They have been extreme, but definitely ones that are letting me know things are shifting big time. I've had moments where I couldn't remember being more afraid and other moments of not remembering being so happy. Work is finally taking me to places I only dreamed of I'm finally jugging clients and balancing working hours. I've found something different in my relationship with my body and all of a sudden being healthy isn't tough at all. If anything, it's like I always did it. Gym still hasn't made friends with me thought.

So with all going so swimmingly well, I feel like I'm in such a great Project Me space.

Dare we utter such words for the Universe to hear?
I should have know better, because the moment I started feeling so connected to myself and so very excited to head to 40, interesting people and situations have literally popped onto my path as if I have been expecting them. Well ... haven't I?

I have heard many people speak about their experience of either attending a talk or doing a workshop with the Fairy Godmother and have always wanted to have the opportunity to meet this fascinating energy. Honestly, I'm not great at actually getting myself to workshops and seminars ... maybe cause it feels like I'm a student again and if anything, school and I didn't have a great bond. That said, I know when someone comes into my life to teach my something.

Sharing the journey of being a guest on #TheCollective2000 radio show with Angela Ludek and Tsheko Mosito on 2000FM, I was called to a meeting with the hosts and ... yes ... Fairy Godmother.
Instantly ... that's how I we connected and I knew that I have stuff to learn (remembering I'm a teacher archetype and sometimes sit in the arrogance of thinking no one can teach me anything) ... but I have stuff to learn and I'm so excited to have the opportunity to start Fairy Godmother's Money Magic 12 week program from 1 July. I'll be blogging my experience weekly and mostly sharing my journey with money because if you've been reading my blog for a while, you know it's a relationship I have to build.

2000FM hosts Angela Ludek & Tsheko Mosito with myself and Fairy Godmother

2000FM hosts Angela Ludek & Tsheko Mosito with myself and Fairy Godmother


Timing is one thing I do have absolute faith in and it was not surprising at all that I had planned one of the toughest exercises for myself in the very same week. I have a friend who is becoming very dear to me and the more we talk, the more we realise that we certain beliefs in common and can support each other in our transformations. So, we planned to spend today together. Just hours of talking, maybe some meditation or reading of cards. Who knew where the day would take us.

After meeting with Fairy Godmother, I realise that I'm literally petrified to be out of touch with the world. I always have at least one mobile phone with me at all times. Even when I sit in movies I will put the phone on vibrate and then lean the bag against my leg so I can feel if anyone contacts me. If it's one buzz against my leg then it's okay, but when there are a few and it's a phone call, I begin to stress about who is looking for me.

So we spoke a going with the flow and after braving the idea for a few hours, when I got to my friend's house, I gave him both my mobile phones and told him he was keeping them until it was time for me to go home. Off the grid ... for at least 5 hours. It's a huge start, trust me!

We spoke for hours in front of the fire, with doggies lying on my lap. He had builders there and at the times that he was pottering around the house and I would have been gazing at my phone, I had time to sit and just be. I either occupied my time thinking about how I would blog about the time the moment or I calmed myself down that if someone really needed me, my bestie knew where I was and how to get hold of us. It was less about being away from social media and more about a family member or client needing me,but I didn't feel guilty.

It was a rich, vital time for me and one that proved that I can step away from the grid and all will be well in the world. An ego shattering experience, I must add!!

So super proud and strangely exhausted, I'm ending me day feeling as through there's a shiny gold star on my Project Me chart today and my reward such an overwhelming feeling of contentment.

The messages from the fairies couldn't be more perfectly timed.

The messages from the fairies couldn't be more perfectly timed.

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