I think I'm a working woman - project me day 838

19 April 2012
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Gosh, there's not even time for me to find a fun pic to go with the frazzlement (my word) of my blog tonight.

It's been a crazy day, in the best sense of the word. Meetings, Tweetings, creating events, assisting with events, emails ... oops, dinner!!

There's a part of me that really forgets I have a man to feed (and when Greggie stays for dinner, it's 2) and cats to herd ... oh shit, and a mom to feed to.

So it's way past dinner time but I might have put dinner in a bit late, but that's because I was tweeting and meeting and ... um, I think I just grew up real fast ...

Don't you hate/love it when that happens??


One comment on “I think I'm a working woman - project me day 838”

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