I will ask for help - project me week 9

14 August 2011
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Living your own 'project me' is about being conscious to the power of choice and then dosing yourself up on fearlessness and having fun doing it. If anyone thinks it's easier said than done, it's me. Ironically I pride myself in being my own living example of what I teach, except in the one area of life that I just can't seem to get my act together with ... my physical body.

I got to gym twice last week and attempted to eat a little better, but there's a lot of bread, potatoes and white rice going around.

No matter what happens, I've committed myself to 'project body' and a part of me knows that there are so many of us out there who don't have the passion for gym, hate getting up early in the morning, battle to make simple changes to our diet and put our bodies first.

So I've decided to focus on what I am good at and see how to turn that into a better relationship with my body and this journey of health, consciousness and happiness.
This week I plan to focus on 'project me' and what I have done to get to where I am today ... What I set out to achieve and am currently living with such happiness. What I have done to stay focused on my career and to live my purpose. And this is how I'm going to do it ... I'm going to ask people their perception of what they see in me. It's one of the first steps in 'project me' ... when you can't believe in yourself then who believes in you? I have those people and I need to turn for some help now ...

This all started after having lunch with Hustler Girl and a whole lot of friends. Just from a simple?conversation?I realised that I'm not alone and I can turn to her at any time for support, motivation or advice ... yet, I haven't done that with 'project body'.

If all I've done in 9 weeks is watch myself not be able to, then that's more than I would have realised before ... not to find out what I am able to be ...

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