I wish I was anonymous - project me day 155

6 June 2010

"You have been warned ... this one needs adult supervision and adults might need oxygen!"

Every once in a while I wish I could start different?anonymous?blogs so that I can express some of the thoughts and events that happen in my life. Ones that I've either been asked not to blog about or that I'm just going to be too damn bitchy about or that I could hurt people with. So I have all of these crazy thoughts and a few means ones too and wish that I had this anonymous platform to express myself on.

Like a blog maybe ... one that's written by this 'shadow' who becomes this mysterious character that everyone wants to know. People search for the true identity because they can't believe someone could have such strange events happen in their life or have such off the wall thoughts. They would want to know this?mystery?person who wrote freely about the people who made her laugh or cry or want to pull her freakin' hair out.

They would wonder who this person was who got to hide behind a faceless blog and told stories of her sister who said that blogging is mindless. Who got to say that she wanted to punch her sibling between the eyes and not worry about upsetting, offending or hurting anyone. Oh hell ... I wish I was anonymous.

That anonymous voice would giggle and tell stories about the things that excite her ... like watching her students shed a tear when they realise something magical about themselves. I'd so anonymously share the mistakes that other people make in their minds ... mostly when they forget just how magical and special they are. I wouldn't have to worry about betraying trust and would use more than just her life as an example of how great everybody can be if they just tell themselves the truth. Oh I could so be anonymous. Seriously ... I'm plotting this faceless, nameless outlet for truth ...

Truths that would create mystery about a girl who, in one night, was offered cyber sex twice but not by the boys who she likes to play on cam with. Oh yes ... it's much better be this anonymous chick when you are giggling about the awesome fun that can be had with semi strangers. Semi, because bonds can be formed through the miles and fun can be had with the select few. Not just with anyone who has a penis.

Yep ... this anonymous chick would love to tell about the totally unrequested penis pics that are sms's, emailed and sometimes even popped onto skype for her. Oooohh ... how's the thought of this anonymous blog that posted all the penis pics ... all in different stages of ... um ... well ... let's just say that men think the oddest things would turn a girl on. Anonymous would so love to have people wonder who has the gall or 'ball' to rate these pics from Yum to Um to hmmm to eeeewww!!!

Anonymous would blog every cheesy, cheap, crude and cowardly pick-up and let you down line that has ever been uttered her way. She's say which ones made her laugh and which ones made her cry and would confess to the ones that made her wish she were a couple and the others that make her go down on her hands and knees that she is single.

Me thinks an anonymous blog about being single today needs no freakin' words!

I bet the world would be curious about the mystery person who wanted to compare dept with everyone and told the story of having to pay up before ?some mafia person (yep, that's exactly why she'd stay anonymous) called in the loan. That would lea to another anonymous blog where kids ?as old as 37 got to thank their folks for bailing them out.

Blogging about being how frightening it is to put everything on the line in order to make your dreams come true and anonymously showing the fear, the not knowing how to get it right and the fact that sometimes you think you just ain't gonna make it. Showing the world that these fears are all part of the process but that never giving up is just as much a part ... while still shitting yourself ... of course!

I'm sure a few people would hail or hound the bold voice who had a love hate relationship with their country and thrived to find the balance between it's beauty and it's betrayal.

I'd want to know who the person was who supported a soccer team because of their hot players.

I would be curious about the anonymous blogger who wasn't afraid to call men jerk and cowards and shallow.

I would hunt to find the anonymous voice who had to hide behind the shadows when she said she doesn't care who gives a shit about what she says as long as it's hurt truth ... but then hiding behind being anonymous isn't truth at all.

Damn ... I still wish I was anonymous!

9 comments on “I wish I was anonymous - project me day 155”

  1. Ah... but being anonymous lacks any real value. While it's fun not having to be accountable for what ever reason. It really is the accountability that gives real meaning to what we do... or don't do.

    Anyone can stand up and say something. But really things only carry any true meaning when you put your name to it.

    Would "project me" have value without Jodene? 😛 I doubt it. An anonymous blog by A.Non just wouldn't cut it. But, that's just me 😉

    My recent post Imaginary

    1. Yep ... there's nothing A.Non about me ... I've come too far to start worrying about what I say and how I say it. It was good to imagine it for a while though ... tee hee! Clever way to get the things off my chest ... in my imaginary bubble of anonymousness 😉

  2. First off, don't feel bad, I would LOVE to take my sister outside and beat the crap out of her for her jealousy crap...ok sorry not my blog 😉 .

    You can always do an anonymous day you know. Just pretend no one knows who you are and let it go....I'm thinking of doing this very thing.
    My recent post What is up with men today??

    1. It seriously was great to imagine being anonymous of a bit and was a great way to say some of the pent up things. It's amazing how, with every blog, you get a little bolder! I did take a feather from your cap and have my say with a bit less censoring ... especially after your boobs in face comment ... tee hee! 😉

  3. LOL yeah I figured everyone needed a good laugh over that one... he's made up for it . xD

    Sometimes its good to be more honest, it may help you see things in a new light. Anyway, I am proud of you for doing it, ;).
    My recent post What is up with men today??

    1. I've had a few day to reflect on the whole anonymous thing and I'm deciding that I'm much rather say something in my truth and be frowned upon that say something hiding in the shadows and frown upon myself. Look how we live and learn hun ... woo hoo!

      PS ... you two make the cutest couple 😉

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